How to Apply for Dubai visa in Nigeria also with the full requirement

How to apply for Dubai visa in Nigeria also with the full requirement

Dubai visa in Nigeria – This country is one of the best countries in the world which have the biggest tourist centers. This country is where most people love in visiting for their tourist also vacation. We all know it not possible you trek to Dubai. Now let give you hint on how to apply for the Dubai visa in Nigeria in an easy way.

Lot of ways requirement will be needed also lot of process will be done just to get this visa in Nigeria. In this article you will be given in detailed all you need to do also the types of Dubai visas in Nigeria.

How to apply for Dubai visa also the requirement

Now if you truly need and eager to visit Dubai here are the requirement which will help you out

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Now below are the documents which you need for your entire UAE visa

  1. The Nigerian passport.
  2. You need photocopies of your Identity card which include your expired visas.
  3. Fill in this visa application form by tapping on this link or copy and paste this out on your internet browser , make sure you fill out all this in capital letter(block letter) then sign by the applicant.
  4. You must have a copy of your round trip tickets. If you don’t have a return ticket you may be refused to enter the airport.
  5. The proof of your health insurance. (Recommended Posts Nonimmigrant U.S Visa | Nonimmigrant U.S Visa for a Fiancé (é) e (K-1))
  6. The proof of your financial status i.e. a copy of the recent bank statement.
  7. If you are a travelling from tourist you will be given a letter from your employer which will be stating your granted leave also which will indicate you will be returning your job when you get back. If you have your own personal business attach a copy of your business registration also tax documents.
  8. If you are visiting a relative or friend make sure you tender a letter of invitation from the host. Make sure the letter carry the information of your host, signature, address also date and a copy of their UAE information of their passport page also residence permit.
  9. The copy of the hostel reservation.
  10. If is it for short term 30day visitor visa, the owner should be a high profession also must gives evidence of the profession.

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Dubai visa in Nigeria (Types of Dubai visa)

Different types of Dubai visa are available in Nigeria.

  1. The 96 hour visa: with this you can only stay in Dulia for the limit of just 96 hours (4 days). This is very good for people who wish to stay for the period of just 4 day or less than.
  2. The 14 day visa: this is just a period of short time, it just for a single entry. This visa is just for the period of just 14 days at the immediate day of issue.
  3. The 30 day visa: is just a period of short time, it just for a single entry. This visa is not extendable is just for the period of 30 days.
  4. The 90 day visa: this visa is just for the period of just 90 days for travelers for those who are visiting Dubai for holiday or family visit and friends.

The valid day of Dubai visas

If you are making use of the 30 day tourist visa, this will take up to 58 days for validity till the date of issue. It only useful for family who are travelling for tourist purpose, make sure your passport should be at the minimum of 6 months when you leave for Dubai. If you are processing for Dubai visa this will take up to 2-8 days this is due to the type of visa which you are enrolling for. Recommended Posts; United States Scholarship To Africa 2018/2019

Below are the costs of types of Dubai visa. Make sure you notice the table below is just a periodic change.

Visa type                                                   visa fee

30-day visa                                                ₦30,000

96-hour visa                                              ₦23,000

14-day visa                                                ₦30,000

90-day visa                                                ₦63,000

90-day multi-entry long term visa       ₦154,000

30-day multi-entry short term visa      ₦61,000

Cancellation charge                                ₦8,400


This is acquired from

Where the embassy are located in Nigeria

The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria

It located in 17 Kanji Street, Off Lake Chad Crescent Maitama,



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Location & How to Apply for Dubai visa in Nigeria

Make sure you notify that they are lot of agencies which make application for visa in Nigeria. You can try to make use of them if you really rely on them. You can try to visit the Dubai embassy in Nigeria.

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