Earn 100% with WealthRock.org

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REVIEW: Earn 100% with WealthRock.org

Earn 100% with WealthRock.org  – WealthRock.org is a peer to peer platform whose watchworl is to help the masses. WealthRock are Group of Ordinary People Selflessly Helping one another.

How to Register or Join WealthRock.org – Review

Complete online registration form with full details, contact number in international format (+1 901789098), a valid and accessible email account will be carried out on your email address, so you are expected to use correct email address.Earn 100% with WealthRock.org

Your Wealthrock account is now confirmed and you can proceed to login with username and password chosen during registration to access your newly created account.

Add Payment Option to your WealthRock.org Account

After confirming your newly registered account, continue to login and complete your profile including your fund processing options this includes local bank transfer, ATM deposits, Bank Deposit, Mobile Money and/or any other fund processor accepted in the system. Adding a payment processor will speed up the process to help you receive donations from other participants in real time.

Donation Schedule

Once you’re in your user dashboard, familiarize yourself with your account. We have four donation options (BASIC PLAN, PROF PLAN, MASTER PLAN, LEADERS PLAN and BASIC PLAN) available for specific donation. Get in touch with the receiver to make fast possible donation payment available and once funds is transfer or send, go to your outgoing donation and click I have paid once fund is paid, then recipient will confirm your donation on other end once fund is received in his/her account.
Once you make a donation of specific amount (BASIC PLAN, PROF PLAN, MASTER PLAN, LEADERS PLAN and BASIC PLAN), you’re scheduled automatically to receive a donation from other participants on a scheduled date (incoming donation in your dashboard)
NOTE: We are really sorry for all For the Delays we are Now Back Full invite more friends Guys Thanks to Wealthrock..
Thanks to Wealthrock!

WealthRock.org Package Plan Offer

Select the appropriate package that suites you and make yourself stand out from the crowd

₦ 5000
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Pay Out/In Option
1 Hour Auto Purge
₦10000 Return Investment

₦ 10000
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Pay Out/In Option
1 Hour Auto Purge
₦20000 Return Investment

Our system is easy to manage which you can access of mobile or pc. All pledges and re-pledges are done accordingly.
All transaction made and statement are save with us our system handle all conversation on this platform.
This platform is a world widely platform where member help member the more you give the more you get X2 Combo.
Easy consulting ,write support ticket anytime you need any help our great support team is ready to help you & give you some tips to guide you.
Our contact support is available to help & assist you if you have any issue just write a support ticket we are ready to help you.


Note: Wealthrock.org was launched on 30/03/2017 by 6pm.

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