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REVIEW: Login – Register & Get 50% of your Donation was built by creative minds with a vision of giving every participant an opportunity to get buffer monetary gift packages through a FRESH, STABLE and HIGHLY SECURED SYSTEM. 
Earn2Gifts aims to  provide a platform for like-minds to share and manage. We have tried to establish a community of people giving and receiving financial monetary gifts from each other on the principles of trust and faith. It’s not rocket science, neither is it a miracle, its simply creating a network of an unending flow of cash within a pool of verified active members who willingly donate to themselves. Login - Register & Get 100% of your Donation

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We ensure to educate all members that no body owes anybody on this platform, its just a system that has been created to achieve the goal of every-member who is willing to give his/her gift donation and therefore become eligible to receive back due earnings for been a part of this community.
It follows the basic principle, one has to give in other to receive. We strongly lay emphasis on honesty, patience and understanding of all participants to ensure a smooth process for everyone. Lets be RESPONSIBLE while giving to receive. does not operate as a bank, does not invest your money into any business, is not a HYIP program, and also not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. The system provides a platform for like minds to enjoy the service and assist one another as at when due.

Every participant gives and receives independently. If a member wishes to use the service, he should firstly study the website and understand all the warnings, rules, regulations and instructions.

Give a cash gift to someone, get others give cash gifts to you in return with an increase of 50%. If you like the ideology, then join us.


Successfully create a valid account with, log into your dashboard and update all your personal details and bank account data accordingly. 
To donate, click the “GIVE A GIFT” button on your dashboard and enter any amount you wish to donate.  Your donation will get into the system auto-waiting list to be dispatched to a member who has earned gifts to claim. Your request will be dispatched automatically as at when due.
We strongly advice all members to ONLY donate cash that there can give when matched. This is not a Get Rich Scheme, so always use spare readily available amount you can give to avoid disrupting the system.  If you do not intend to pay your donation, kindly delete your request before it is been assigned.
We adhere to a strong policy of building a life long system where all members will benefit at the long run so we require that our members do RE-COMMITMENT before Withdrawing, therefore members must have an active “GIVE A GIFT” request to unlock the earnings of the first trade.


Withdrawals can be done after a growth period of 7 days. The system automatically puts you on auto-waiting list to get paid which is usually between 7-21 days. Please note that you must have an active ‘GIVE A GIFT’ request to be able to withdraw EARNED GIFTS.
All accounts that have withdrawn EARNED GIFTS and have no active ‘GIVE A GIFT’ request will be banned.
This system has been built for the end user so you can as well manage your account yourself. You should be aware that you can make withdrawal in bits as you wish. 
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Please confirm payment immediately after receipt of earnings, we encourage discipline across board for all members that is why you have ONLY 24 hours to confirm receipt of earnings or risk getting your account suspended.
At, security and safety of all members is treated with a high-level of priority. This has led to the introduction of what we call “TRANSACTION PASSWORD” which you can also treat as your PIN. This measure was introduced to combat fraud, so in the case that a fraudster has access to your account, withdrawals cannot be made without entering the correct 
For security purposes, always change your TRANSACTION PASSWORD from the default password before making withdrawals. Your TRANSACTION PASSWORD is sent along side your login details immediately after successful registration. 

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