EARNTC.COM LOGIN- Hot & Paying Ponzi scheme, Register


REVIEW: EARNTC.COM LOGIN- Hot & Paying Ponzi scheme, Register

EARNTC.COM LOGIN- Hot & Paying Ponzi scheme, Register – EARNTC.COM is a peer to peer donation community where members have different donation packages that are affordable to donate. After the donation, members wait for 1 -48hrs for their money to grow and in return, you earn 100% of your donation.

Earntc.com has up to six (6) PAYMENT Packages for everyone, BASIC Package[₦2,000], STARTER Package [₦5,000], PREMIUM Package [₦10,000], PRO Package [₦20,000], GOLD Package [₦50,000] and DIAMOND Package [₦100,000], you can choose the cheapest for you depending on your ability.
Whatever Package you choose for yourself, after PAYING a member, 2 members PAY you to get Double of your Package i.e. 100% increase, YES! 100% within 48 hours.

Earntc.com Registration or Login


LoginEARNTC.COM LOGIN- Hot & Paying Ponzi scheme, Register

Earntc.com Simple Rules Before Joining

  1. You as a member, MUST Pay a Member within 12 Hours of Registration including weekends.
  2. You as a member,  MUST CREDIT Member’s Account within 12 Hours of PLEDGE – Choose the most affordable package for yourself.
  3. You as a member,  MUST CONFIRM fund reception within 12 Hours of Receiving payment
  4. You as a member , MUST PLEDGE TO Pay a Member with AT LEAST HALF of last FULL payment within 10 days AFTER You Receive the last Payment i.e. (for instance) if you Paid a Member with ₦2,000 and got payment of ₦4,000 You MUST MAKE another PLEDGE of at least ₦2,000 within next 10 days.
  5. Your Phone/Mobile number  as a member, MUST be active to Receive a Member’s phone call and/or SMS
  6. You as a member, MUST NOT upload fake evidence of payment – AUTOMATIC ACCOUNT DELETION applies afterwards.

If you flout any of these rules, your account gets SUSPENDED and subsequently DELETED!


This is your only waiting time, usually between 1 and 48 Hours.
During this period all you need do is to relax, take some coffee and probably prepare towards PAYING another member – Remember, it’s Earnings Without Limits!.


Now it’s time you smile to the bank and cash your money – TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED!

Please note that Pairing a member to PAY you is Automatically done by the System, all you need to do is to keep checking your personal office because YOU MUST CONFIRM RECEIPT OF PAYMENT WITHIN 6 HOURS OF RECEIVING THE PAYMENT from a Pal.

After you get PAYMENT do not relax! Good thing is it to INVEST again to get more by PAYMENT another member – at least 50% of your Double-Pay is fair but you can do better.

PLEDGING: Please be sure you have the CASH AT HAND before doing this because you can be paired immediately, BUT If you are not paired immediately, ANYTIME you are paired within the 12 HOURS of PAIRING YOU HAVE THE REMAINING HOURS to PAY the Member you might are paired with
For complaints or support, you can send a message to SUPPORT OFFICE from your Dashboard or you mail [email protected]



Why should I join EarnTC and what calibre of people are here?

If you are responsible, futuristic, employed, unemployed and love to HELP FELLOW NIGERIANS then you should join this community.

How many days do I have to Pay a Member after signing up?

JUST TWO 12 HOURS! Yes, 12 hours. Only serious people are here and they love one another. At the point of register the system prompts you to make a pledge, select the MOST AFFORDABLE for you and be ready to Pay.

What do I stand to gain if I join this community?

As a member on EarnTC, whenever you Pay a Member in the community with your token, 2 Members would be paired to pay you the double of your money i.e. your ₦2,000 gives you ₦4,000.

How long do I have to wait to get paid after PAYING a Member?

Always be calm and be reassured of getting your money with 100% profit! It only takes you between 1 and 48 hours after you Pay a Member. We have you in mind during the development of this portal.

What gives assurances of continuity of this system?

There is high possibility of continuity of this system because members are obliged to pledge another payment within 10 Days after receiving FULL Pay back of last committed pledge.

Am I assured that my personal information supplied to this site during registration can’t be accessed by third-party?

YES! Except your phone number and bank account details, all information supplied by members of EarnTC are treated with high confidentiality. We are aware of Hackers, we have them in mind too.

Where does money donated on this platform go?

It is obvious, all moneys circulate among the members, i.e. the registered members here.

Why am I not paired on time to receive fund?

Be sure to do all necessary things on your Personal Office, for example, if you have not setup your Bank account details the system won’t select you for payment. Also remember you have between 1 and 48 hours to get paired for payment.

How many days do I have to Pay a Member after my first pledge?

After fulfilling your first pledge within (twelve) 12 hours, you also have to Pay Members in subsequent pledges.

How many days do I have to confirm receipt of a payment?

YOU HAVE JUST A DAY (6 Hours)! Always keep an eye on your Personal Office. As soon as you are notified of a Member’s payment by your Bank you have 6 hours to confirm receipt of the payment.


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