Ecobank Money Transfer Code | Transfer Money with Ecobank code *326#

Ecobank Money Transfer Code | Transfer Money with Ecobank code *326#

EcoBank Money Transfer Code makes performing bank exchanges a lot easier for people managing an account with Ecobank Nigeria. With EcoBank Money Transfer Code, you can direct remote money transfer from EcoBank to other Banks in the nation, at your convenience, and with your mobile phone.

We are here to familiarize you on all you need to know and how you can use the simple EcoBank Money Transfer Code, *326# to move your money inside Ecobank pr to another bank.

Likewise, you can use the code to purchase airtime for your phone line just as check your Account Balances.

Other Key Features Of Ecobank Money Transfer Code

• Make a moment money transfer to relatives and friends

• Deposit and pull back money

• Pay bills, just as pay for goods and services

• Receive money

• Make payments to agents and private ventures electronically

• Read mini/ small scale statements

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However, utilizing the EcoBank Money Transfer Code, *326# is just possible if/when you activate the Ecobank *326#USSD code. After you have it done, then follow these simple steps demonstrated as follows.

Step by step instructions to Transfer Money with *326# Ecobank Money Transfer Code

Keep as a main priority that performing exchanges utilizing EcoBank mobile code does not require the use of internet/web. Possibly ensure that the phone number you used when creating an account with EcoBank has been activated for EcoBank Mobile Money Transfer.

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To direct money transfer from your EcoBank account to other Banks in Nigeria,

  1. Dial *326# on your mobile phone and Follow the on-screen guidelines
  2. Once the money is transferred, you’ll receive a SMS which affirms that your exchange was successful.

Step by step instructions to Check Ecobank Account Balance On PhoneEcobank Money Transfer Code | Transfer Money with Ecobank code *326#

To check your EcoBank account balance on phone is likewise as easy as money transfer.

  1. Dial the same *326# and follow the on-screen guidance.
  2. Your account balance will be sent to your phone.

Ecobank Airtime Recharge Code

To recharge or buy airtime for yours/another person’s mobile phone,

  1. Dial 3261Amount#. For instance, in the event that you wish to recharge N500, dial *3261*500# and press send.

Note: Any type of mobile phone can be used to transfer money utilizing the code, whenever of the day – day in and day out. Additionally, the most extreme or least farthest point to the sum you can transfer utilizing the EcoBank mobile money transfer is N1,000 to N20,000.

  • In case you’re in Kenya – dial *335#
  • In case you’re in Uganda – dial *235#
  • In case you’re in Tanzania – dial *150*18#

The most effective method to Download The EcoBank Internet Banking App

In the event that you’re utilizing a smartphone, one that can surf the internet, then it would likewise be super convenient to download the application to manage your accounts and make transfers.

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  1. Go to the Google Play App Store or comparable app store for your type of device.
  2. Enter “Ecobank Mobile” in the search bar and search. Once the result is out, select just the authority app as made available by the bank.

NB: Abstain from utilizing outsider apps as your personal financial details can be stolen through such apps.

  1. Install the authority Ecobank Mobile app and register with your correct financial details.

Ecobank Transfer code Charges

There is a stipulated measure of money charged on every electronic finances transfer.

Before May 2017, all banks in Nigeria were charging an average of N100 per exchange, until the CBN issue the edict that mandated every single commercial bank to charge exactly N50 for assets transfer to other nearby banks.

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In spite of the fact that while the CBN guide separates the charges for inter-bank and intra-bank transfer for miniaturized scale finance banks, there’s no such refinement for commercial banks. It seemed to be left at the individual bank’s discretion to decide the amount they can (or not) charge for intra-bank exchanges.

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