Ethereum Remitano | Remita Introduced Ethereum


Remitano Introduced Ethereum | To Prevent ScamTrading Activities

Ethereum Remitano   –  Remitano has been the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform among all others. This is a Vietnamese platform that has its operations in Africa.

Ethereum Remitano | Remita Introduced Ethereum
Ethereum Remitano | Remita Introduced Ethereum

Early July 2017, remitano announced it supports to Ethereum Coin, an emergent decentralized cryptocurrency in an accelerated move to prevent scam and any kinds of fraudulent trading activities on their platform.

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Reason For Ethereum Remitano

It is quite unfortunate, as cryptocurrency traders need to be watchful of fake exchanges, phishing schemes, and as well fraudulent wallets that triggered malware into their devices, among other scams” said Dung Huynh

At Remitano exchange paltform, they are committed to inhibiting fraudsters from depleting cryptocurrency trading, that is arguably one of the most revolutionary digital advancements of our time.

Now, with ethereum remitano feature, remitano experts are able to provide a safe-space for ethereum traders to trade on their platform too.


 More Intrigue Fact About Ethereum Remitano

As we have written in our previous article ( Ethereum Coin | Invest in Ethereum Next Big Coin ) that investing in Ethereum is profitable and in few years, it will be more profitable and valuable compare to Bitcoin.

Ethereum is similar to bitcoin some ways and but it allows users to execute code on the blockchain technology. However, it keeps track of computer programs and to say, it’s specifying the conditions in which clients will get paid.

The ethereum’s price and market cap have skyrocketed in 2017, with a 3000 percent increase in this year.

Remitano users across the globe can securely exchange ethereum without worrying about fraudulent trading activities OR being scammed.

Ideas Behind This Trading Platform

Before now, Remitano targets bitcoin exchangers, investors, and those seeking remittance services, especially in Asian continents such as, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and China with lower fees – 0.5 percent (newly introduced fee) compared to 1 percent elsewhere.

They have an instant virtual support, as well as a private platform to explore the world of blockchain.


They want to see bitcoin and ethereum succeed. Therefore, Remitano is on a mission to bring bitcoin and currently ethereum; to everyone, and to provide a fair space for people to partake in this incredible market,” said Huynh, “Because after all, we believe it truly has the potential to change our digital world.”


Brain Behind Them

The Remitano platform was founded by great forks namely, Dung Huynh, Phuoc Nguyen, Phuong Nguyen and Tam Vo and is now available across the English speaking world including United States of America, as well as South Africa & Mexico.

Recently, the firm expanded outside of Asia, with Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania. Remitano started in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and is incorporated in Seychelles but has operations in Vietnam, Malaysia, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China, India, and Ghana.

Next? Sign UP Now on Remitano

Since there is a more secure trading platform where you can trade Bitcoin or cash for Ethereum withiot been scam. Registering  on remitano to trade exchange ethereum is of rest of mind phenomenon.

Sign up for an account now and start investing in ethereum; ‘The Next Big Coin’.

To signup go here and verify your email and search for any available seller to fund your ethereum wallet.


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