EthereumAds Plugin Allows Bloggers To Earn Ethereum

EthereumAds Plugin Allows Bloggers To Earn Ethereum Using Ad Space. Yes, you heard it right. Website owners, bloggers, and WordPress users can now earn daily Ethereum for their ad space.

WordPress publishers would now be able to connect with Ether as another module for the leading cryptocurrency is presently live.

Known as “EthereumAds,” the new module was dispatched on December 10. Per the module depictions, users would now be able to sell ad space on their sites and websites and get paid in Ether using smart contracts.

EthereumAds Plugin Allows Bloggers To Earn Ethereum

Display Ads, Earn ETH

Every content Publisher can display ads alongside their Adsense ads code on the same website to earn Eth daily, weekly, or even monthly.

The EthereumAds module basically opens ad space upon installation and sale space every fourteen (14) days. The highest bidder gets the ad space, and they pay into his/her account.

EthereumAds works for a wide range of online platforms-websites, sites, and billboards. Users can acquire commissions on ads, whether or not their content is crypto-related or not.

The EthereumAds website shows how the service works in more noteworthy detail. It’s a bit like Google Adsense yet without the dreary application measure. It appears to be the EthereumAds runs as an attachment and play. You needn’t bother with any genuine registration measure here. Be that as it may, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet to get your profit.

This Might Be the Best Ads Earning For You!

This might be the best ads earning plugin for you in the sense that – It’s far-fetched that publishers will forsake the attempted and confided in Adsense for the newcomer. Yet, EthereumAds still speak to a much-needed refresher. Google’s Adsense has had a freezing history with the crypto space. Last January, Decenter, a significant smart agreement auditing firm, blamed Google for blacklisting catchphrases referencing Ethereum on its advertising platform.

Decenter clarified that they were a group of engineers working with smart agreements and security audits. The organization brought up that its engineers saw blunder messages when trying to utilize the “Ethereum security audits” and “Ethereum advancement services” catchphrases. Accordingly, the Google Ads official account replied:

“Although we wouldn’t be able to preemptively confirm if your keyword is eligible to trigger ads, we’d recommend that you refer to the ‘Cryptocurrencies’ section of our Policy on Financial products and services.”

The search engine monster further added that crypto trades could advertise on AdSense if they targeted users in Japan and the United States. Thus, the dismissal was no doubt because of Decenter targeting some different areas with their searches.

Freeing Ad-Hungry Crypto Companies from Google

The AdSense platform has likewise been blamed for running ads for deceitful crypto platforms. In April, crypto trade CoinCorner revealed that the ad platform was running ads for its phishing clone site,

Molly Spiers, the trade’s promoting manager, told news sources that they had seen the main fake ad subsequent to searching for “CoinCorner” on and While CoinCorner themselves have battled to put ads on Google for years, the phishing site had little to no issues getting in.

Since EthereumAds is accessible, crypto organizations should have the option to viably run their ads without managing Google’s perpetual administration. In any case, the module will likewise need a framework to isolate legitimate crypto firms from phishing sites like