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Etranzact Portal | Etranzact Payment Gateway – Payment Solution

Interswitch Payment Gateway – Interswitch Registration
Interswitch Payment Gateway – Interswitch Registration

Etranzact Portal | Etranzact Payment Gateway – Payment Solution

ETranzact portal – Meaning of etranzact is a company in Nigeria that makes online payment easier for both individual and organization, it is a multi-network, multi-application, and multi-channel electronic payment gateway company that supports all major networks. Some of the networks are VISA, MASTERCARD AND AMEX Card. eTranzact portal is created and designed as an alternative etranzact payment platform to all transactions which are cash or check based.

The etranzact payment gateway enables payment with ATM, POS, MOBILE, WEB, etc. using automated procedures.  The eTranzact portal has extensive knowledge and experience in the aspect of quality assessment, certification of POS, ATM and any other transaction devices like etranzact mobile banking, etranzact pocketmoni etc, it also includes the knowledge of ICT and system development.

It also has operations in other countries like Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, cote d`Ivoire and UK and still expanding to more countries in the world.

ETranzact portal has released its mobile payment solutions to banks and non-bank financial institutions and has been granted a license by the federal government of Nigeria to provide mobile money services to people with special focus on the individual that has not to be registered by the bank.

Though the eTranzact portal payment gateway could be operated in many ways that make the payment process easier and convenient. Some of the ways are


You can use eTranzact to pay for bills using eCommerce applications on your mobile phone and avoiding standing in a long queue for a period of time. It is used to pay bills like

  • DTV
  • Airline tickets
  • Utilities e.g. Nepa bills, water bill
  • Postpaid bills e.g. MTN postpaid bill


You can transfer fund to any of your bank account or to your loved one`s account using the eTranzact platform. Some of their participate banks are:

  • First bank
  • Zenith bank
  • GTB bank
  • Access bank
  • Stanbic IBTC bank
  • Sterling bank
  • Union bank
  • UBA
  • Standard chartered bank
  • Diamond bank etc.


ETranzact has incorporated the use of mobile and internet banking has a solution to payment. You can make payment anywhere, anytime using the eTranzact portal mobile and internet banking; you can use it from your mobile phone or PC and can check all your bank details by clicking a button. To use this service, register for web access via the website and register all your eTranzact cards by doing this you will have access to all the bank accounts that are connected to your eTranzact card once you log in.

eTranzact also has different products that are regarded as a solution to payments. The solutions are


Payoutlet is one of the solutions of eTranzact that is designed to allow merchants to receive payment from customers through the participate banks of eTranzact. This solution makes it possible for merchants to receive payment from customers using different banks and direct the payment into a single account. With pay outlets, the merchant can receive money from their customers from any location and the money will be paid to the bank specified by them.

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Regarding the pay outlet as a solution, the merchant can be a church organization, sales outfit, service firm, government agency that has different branches throughout a city.


eTranzact corporate pay enables government agencies and private organizations to handle payment of salaries and third parties ( supplier, contractor) with the various levels of authorizations and approvals associated with the payment process. Corporate pay is a one-to-many payment method (staff, contractors) or many-to-one payment methods (suppliers). With this scheme, the company can make payment to all staff with just a click of the button to all accounts.

All payments on corporate payments are processed online without the use of cheque and cash for all payments.

  • eCommerce

The eTranzact mCommerce as a solution is the first operational mobile banking application that can be used by all networks and can interface with third-party payment scheme without interruption, This works on all the mobile networks.

How To Use The M-commerce On Your Mobile Phone

  • collect your eTranzact card from your bank
  • activate your card
  • download the mCommerce application on your mobile phone
  • install and launch the app
  • start enjoying it

eTranzact web connect is a solution that is used to accept and process the payment on behalf of the merchant. This is regarded as unique because of the capability to accept all cards either locally or internationally, cards like visa and master cards. It is capable of crediting different accounts simultaneously online.

The transactions made are encrypted and transmitted to the eTranzact central switch for authentication and validation.

  • eTranzact Strong Authentication(ESA)

eTranzact strong authentication is a solution that provides two-factor authentication for ATM, POS, Mobile and web transaction, with this implementation eTranzact makes dynamic PIN available for all channels.

ESA is good because it uses the subscribers’ phone to generate a One Time Passcode (OTP). It also takes full advantage of something the subscriber knows (e.g. PIN, password), something the subscriber uses e.g.(payment card)to provide a security solution to all ESA payment channels.

  • Mobile Topup

eTranzact mobile top up is a solution that is used by users to top-up their phone and those of their loved ones conveniently. You can do this by using logging in into your profile on WebAccess and using the MobileTopup menu on the Etranzact website.

When using the MobileTopup platform, there are two options by using the pin or pinless option. When using the pin option, you will be sent the Topup card pin number, when using the pinless option, your airtime or that of your; loved ones will be credited automatically.

  • eRemit

eRemit is an online international money transfer service. The eRmit solution enables the customer to transfer money and have the money connected for collection by a named beneficiary in any country where there is eTranzact.

You can send money via eTranzact to family, friends, business in countries like Nigeria, USA, united kingdom, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, ivory coast.

You can make money transfer using the eRemit solution to:

  • bank account-to-cash transfers
  • bank account-to-card transfers
  • bank account-to-bank account transfers
  • card-to-bank account transfers
  • card-to-card transfers
  • card-to-cash transfers
  • BankIT

BankIT is an alternative payment method, a platform that works directly with customers’ bank accounts through multiple channels (web, mobile, USSD). It is designed specifically for ease of use and utmost security, this payment method is for anyone that has a bank account.  BankIT is a cardless transaction; it opens the opportunity for everyone to make anywhere.

In BankIT customers enjoy

  • Fast and easy way to use payment method
  • Instant payment
  • Maximum security
  • Elimination of lengthy and complex card or cheque details

Banks enjoy

  • Addition of stream income
  • Instant value for transactions
  • Flexible commission structure
  • Financial inclusion and wider customer reach


  • Pocketmoni

eTranzact pocketmoni is a solution method that deals with mobile payment which enables users to conduct financial transactions anywhere, anytime from their mobile phone. With pocketmoni you have your phone as your bank and your number as your account, that is why it is called pocket mini.

Pocketmoni makes users make payments, transfer money, buy airtime anywhere, anytime.

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Pocketmoni is a mobile money solution app. For anyone to start using pocketmoni, you are to download the app on your mobile phone and register. The app is designed for transactions using the mobile phone. The application is available for download on google play store and blackberry world.



There are two different ways of downloading the pocketmoni mobile app.

  1. By Downloading Via Browser
  • Visit any browser of your choice and search for etranzact pocket mini.
  • Download the app
  • Install the app.
  1. By Downloading Via SMS
  • Send a text containing your full name to 20220 for Etisalat, MTN and Airtel subscribers, for Glo subscribers send your details to 31030.
  • A message will be sent containing the download link
  • Click on the link and download the app.

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After launching the account, you will have to register.

  • Enter your phone number (registered with your bank)
  • Its details and password
  • Then enter one-time-password (OTP) that will be sent to your phone.

You can also register by dialing *389 and follow the steps.


Once you have launched the etranzact pocketmoni app on your mobile phone, you can fund it anywhere, anytime following the procedures below:

  • Open the etranzacpocketmoni app on your mobile phone
  • Tap on fund pocketmoni (scroll down)
  • Enter your visa cards
  • Input pin
  • Input the CVV2 ( three-digit numbers located at the back of your card
  • Input card expiring date
  • Input amount
  • Tap send


  • To send money to any bank account
  • Pay utility bills
  • Pay prepaid and postpaid bills
  • Have access to your money anytime, anywhere
  • Buy airline tickets and book hotels with your mobile phone
  • Secured and convenient
  • Pay recurrent bill
  • Transactions are free of charge



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