Evernote App | What is Evernote and How Does it Work


Evernote App | What is Evernote and How Does it Work

Evernote  App–  Maybe you are a kind of person that loves jotting things down anytime anywhere maybe due to new things seen or heard which you know that when you get back home you won’t be able to remember them anymore. There is a solution to all these things where you can put down everything you need to put down maybe for reference purpose or other useful purpose.

Evernote is the solution to the problems. This amazing app is created so that all your tasks, notes and researches can be recorded down in one place for easy access across all your devices. You can record or jot down anything anytime, anywhere. By doing this, you will not forget anything.

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Evernote is a cross-platform online for note-taking and organizational system. This app reminds you of your tasks, helps you with checklists and safely store your important thought. All the informations stored on Evernote can be accessed from your computer or mobile devices.

Evernote App – How Evernote works

  • Sign up for a free Evernote account and download it two devices

Visit the official website on www.evernote.com and sign up for a free account. All you have to do is to enter a valid email address and choose a password.

  • Create and store notes, thought and images

After signing in on your Evernote account, create a new note and start typing. Record anything you think you will need or be useful to you in the future. It also works as a drag and drop app where you can drag and drop files into the note including images.

  • Use the editor to change and update notes

As you use the notes, you can use Evernote’s advanced note editor to make any changes. You are provided with over 28 functions on Evernote’s editing toolbar to make your note look exactly the way you want it to look. Read Also: CLONEit App | How to copy files from Android to Android

  • Organize your notes into Notebooks

You can easily organize your work into notebooks so as to keep your notes well organized. If your work is well organized, it helps you to find whatever you are looking for as you work. You can also create notebooks in categories of your life like your work, school, home maintenance, personal notes, researches made, including anything else you can imagine of.

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  • Easily access your notes with Evernote search bar

The Evernote search bar is provided to help you easily find whatever you are looking for. All you just need to do is to type in whatever you want to look for in the search bar and Evernote will help you narrow down the results.

  • Share your notes and progress with others

Evernote is fun to use. You can also share any of your notes with other Evernote users by sending them an email with access to the note. For your friends that do not use Evernote, you can post links to your notes in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or an email.

Once the notes has been share with other Evernote users, you can start to use the instant messaging service called “Work Chat” where you can start a conversation about an ongoing task or let them make updates to your notes.

Is Evernote safe and secure?

Evernote is safe and secure just like other online services, because it requires a password and email address to log into an account. For further securing of your number, you can enable a two-step sign in process, this requires additional PIN number which you must also input for you to access your account.

Is Evernote free?

Evernote App is actually free and this is if you use the basic version. The basic version of Evernote is provided with many components that gives you a complete experience while using it and also helps you organize your notes. For you to upgrade to “Evernote Plus” or “Evernote App Premium” plans, you need to pay.

Evernote App Premium is the most advanced version of Evernote App, it is just one step above Evernote App Plus which has some additional features over Evernote Basic. Evernote Premium allows you to get live chat customer support, search for text in your PDFs and DOCs and also scan notes and present them with just one click and lots more.

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To upgrade to “Evernote App Plus” is $46.99/year and gets you slightly more functions than Basic,

To upgrade to “Evernote App Premium” is $89.99/year and gets you slightly more functions than Plus.



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