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Exchange Satoshi Nakaboto | Chicago-Based Exchange Will Launch Bitcoin Options in January by Satoshi Nakaboto

Exchange Satoshi Nakaboto – This above founder has brought up another edition of Bitcoin which he has been stating what has been going on with bitcoin in past 24 hours. You can check bitcoin trade on etoro by clicking on the link of the etoro itself.

Price of Bitcoin

Exchange Satoshi Nakaboto - Chicago Based Exchange Will Launch Bitcoin Options in January

It was closed on November 12, 2019, as of the price of $8,815. Which is the same as a 0.63 percent increase in about 24 hours, or maybe $55? This was a huge closing price in one day.

But bitcoin is still 56 percent below all-time high which is of $20,089(December 17 2017).

The Market Cap of Bitcoin

The market cap of bitcoin close on the day at the $159,068,712,900. This is now a command of 66 percent of the total crypto market.

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Volume of Bitcoin

As of yesterday, the volume of $20,309,769,107 which is the huge one in a day, the year average is 26 percent also 54 percent as low of high year. This refers to as yesterday the bitcoin network moved the equivalent of 431 tons of gold.


Transactions of Bitcoin

The sum of 301,247 transactions which was conducted yesterday, it is now 9 percent low the year average and 33 percent below the year high.


A transaction Fee of bitcoin

As of yesterday, average transaction fee disturbed $0.34. which is $3.37 which is low at the year high of $3.71.


Distribution by the Address of Bitcoin

Now, about 12,680 bitcoin millionaires or addresses accommodating more than $1 million which is worth it if bitcoin.

Moreover, the top 10 bitcoin address house is 4.9 percent of the total supply, the top is 14.3 percent also the top is 34.4 percent.

Bitcoin Company with a Market Cap Closet

Along with the market capitalization of $156 billion, the market SAP capitalization most similar to that of bitcoin at the exact time.

Bitcoin Path Toward $1 million

As at November 29, 2017, infamous bitcoin evangelist john McAfee forecasted that Bitcoin would get to a price of $1 million at the end of 2020.

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He makes a decision that he will eat is own p***S if this doesn’t work. Sadly, for him, it is 93.2 percent at the back staying on track. The price of Bitcoin price might have been $133,479 at this point.

Bitcoin on Twitter

As of yesterday, 16,7395 fresh tweets of about bitcoin are sent out into the world. Which state that 9.4 percent as low of the year’s average. The highest number of tweets per day this year about bitcoin is about 41,687.

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