Exchange Visitor Program (J 1 VISA) – Get Details


Exchange Visitor Program (J 1 VISA) – How to Apply to the Exchange Visitor Program (J 1 VISA)

Exchange Visitor Program (J 1 VISA)  –  This Visitor Program helps in giving countless opportunities for international candidates finding way to Travel and gain experience in the United States. In many sides this programs enable foreign nationals

To come to the United States to enable them to teach, study, conduct research, demonstrate special skills or receive on the job training for periods varying from a few weeks to several years.

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Step 1

Select which program is right for you. Click below to check the program requirements comparison chart for an overview of each program category

Step 2

Get in touch with a designated sponsor directly to be part in one of its exchange programs. He/she will provide the participant with specific program and application requirements. Check the link to see designated sponsors: search sponsors that operate in your home country:

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Step 3

The sponsors are responsible for choosing participants as well as giving assistance and monitoring them at the particular course their entire program.

Step 4

The sponsors demand participants’ program fees. Fees changes from sponsored. Individual taking parts are encouraged to get a breakdown of all costs and fees from many sponsors before pledging to a program.

Step 5

Immediately you are been given the offer into an exchange visitor program, you will be issued a Form DS-2019 by the sponsor.

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Step 6

Make payment for the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee at maybe you wish to print out your proof of payment for your future reference.

Step 7

Visit the U.S. Department of State website  to fill out an Online for Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form DS- 160 which you will also pay for the visa application fee of $160. Go through the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate which you plan to apply for instructions in details on how to make your payment.

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Step 8

When you have make the payment for the visa application fee, make sure you plan your interview –it better you do that very fast, go through the website of the United States embassy or consulate where which to apply for instructions on how to plan for it.

Step 9

At the very day of your interview, make sure you bring along this important item:

  1. An original Form DS-2019;
  2. Form DS-160 confirmation page
  3. Passport
  4. Photo;
  5. Visa application fee receipt.

Go through the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate for where you want to apply to check maybe you are to bring other additional documents is needed.

Step 10

Information by the interviewing officer will be informed to you at the end of your interview maybe your visa is accepted or deactivated. If accepted, you will be informed by the interview officer on when you should be expecting to receive your visa. Make sure you follow up with your sponsor to prepare to travel to the United States.


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