Facebook Account Hacked | Recover Hacked Fb Account

Facebook Account Hacked   |  How To Recover Your Facebook Account After It Has Been Hacked

Facebook Account Hacked –  Facebook accounts are been hacked by scammers, they use it for their selfish interest to make hot money. If you really need your facebook account that was hacked by someone don’t panic anymore, this article will help you get it back – Facebook Hack.

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Furthermore, this article solve Puzzle List below:

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  • How to recover a hacked facebook account and secure within 10 steps?
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  • My fb account is hacked and email changed.
  • password
  • Someone hacked my facebook account and changed my password and email

To get your facebook account back after been hacked, follow the below 10 steps:

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  • Visit this link:
  • Tap on the “Your account has been compromised” button
  • Type in your details that are connected to your email address (email address, login name, full name or your phone number)
  • After the above process, Facebook will search for users matching that details. If you don’t see your account, don’t give up, try entering something else other than the one you entered (e.g if you entered your email and it did not work, try entering your phone number or login name)
  • Click on search
  • Enter the account’s password (the old one because you don’t know the password the hacker changed it to)
  • There will be a pop up that you have entered a wrong password, well, don’t be down yet, just tap on the “reset password button”
  • Your primary email would be changed, as we all know, you don’t want to send the link of your reset password to the hacker’s account, so tap on “no longer have access to these” button
  • Almost there. Type in your new email address that you want to send the change password link and set as primary email
  • Follow the next steps and you have its done. Your account will be active in 24 hours

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