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Facebook Marketplace | Search Facebook MarketPlace

The facdebook marketplace is a a service that helps in promoting the buying and selling of goods with the people on the Facebook user location. This means is an advantage for facebook account owners to get whatever items they like without having to go into shops. Now it’s left for the users who has interest in following this article so as to gain knowledge the service works on facebook

Facebook Marketplace | The features of the facebook marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a very wonderful service tom make use of for business account owners on Facebook. This service is available and can only be used on the Facebook app, with the soon arrival of the Facebook desktop version. However, the current available version comes in handy for its users of iOS, windows and Android devices. This is because users can use the marketplace service no matter the location they are.

This service is new on Facebook, so it is operational and available in only seventeen countries as at now.

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These countries include UK, US, New-Zealand, Australia and so much more. Owners of devices can check countries that the Facebook marketplace are available on at the moment. While the owner of devices that do not reside in any yet will have to wait for the service to be available in their countries anytime soon.

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The Facebook marketplace is a newly invented service, so the users will have to be patience for it to reach their countries. This service is a very profitable service for the Facebook users which is in use for them to buy and sell goods. It is also capable of becoming one of the biggest internet marketing platforms like eBay and Amazon

Facebook Marketplace | How to sell on Facebook marketplace

Facebook users can make use of the Facebook marketplace app services are able to sell their items on this platform. After this is in place, Facebook account users can advertise and sell their items on the Facebook app with the following steps.

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  1. Make sure your device is connected to an active internet connection.
  2. Open or launch the Facebook app on your device.
  3. Finish the Facebook process to log in if necessary.
  4. Click on the Facebook marketplace icon on the news feed.
  5. Click in the sell something button.
  6. Tap on the items for sale.
  7. Input a title for the good or item you wanna sell.
  8. Enter the price that you wish to see your goods or items.
  9. Input the location you would like to sell your items.
  10. Choose the category your items or goods belongs to.
  11. Tap on the photos to upload a picture of the item you want to put in for sale
  12. Click one the post button.

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The items or goods that the Facebook account user want to sell will go live and viral on the marketplace page.

The Facebook users that have been looking for items or goods to purchase in that location via Facebook marketplace app will then be able to view them.

The users will then begin to receive messages from the buyers with interest in the goods that were uploaded and put up for sale. As it involve, this is a good means for Facebook users to practice internet marketing [Buying and selling of goods online].

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