Fidelity Bank Review – Fidelity Online Banking Platform

Fidelity Bank Review – Fidelity Online Banking Platform

Fidelity Bank Review – Fidelity Online Banking Platform  –  The Fidelity Bank is among the leading banks with so many assets together in Nigeria and Africa. This company helps in giving banking products which are customer perfect position. There practices are guided by their missions and objectives to move forward. They try to make a great effort to be the best in all market they are suited and suitable for.

They also give their customers a lot of services which move upper from regular commercial banking services to corporate banking. Helps in providing to small and medium businesses which are seeking for bank to trust and put in their financial scheme into their savings.

What you can do with fidelity bank, there is benefit for applying for loans for education, car and for your home. Also gives privilege of making transfer using various standard methods. This methods include using an immediate banking which lets bank easier for you in using the *770# USSD code. Transfer of money can also be done using fidelity cards through their dedicated 24/7 ATMs which are thrown in various dimension across the country.

Fidelity Bank Nigeria Website –

Fidelity Bank Nigeria also has a particular website which their users can use to perform as much as many banking actions their users want to make. Though they have been a lot of website which has been publish, I will advise you to use this one on this article to get in touch with them, you can copy and paste URL the following address or try to write on your Google search engine. Immediately you are been directed to this page, now you are in their website you have privilege about what is on their website and what they offer.

Fidelity Bank Retail Banking

The Fidelity Bank retail banking, there is a lot of banking transaction you can make as well as opening a new bank account. With the retail banking service you are chance to open a savings or current account depend on what you wish to open. You can also make various payments of basic bills such as water and electricity.

The usefulness of using fidelity bank retail banking is the best just because you can be chance to apply for loan. It doesn’t matters how you are in hurry to get the cash for, maybe for, wedding, car or home; it near you, this can be gotten from the fidelity bank. Transaction can be carried out from Nigeria to abroad using diaspora banking. Chances are there for you in making money transfer to friends and loved ones anywhere, in Nigeria also in abroad.

Fidelity Bank SME

There is hard accomplishment which both small and medium enterprises go through all times that allows their businesses grow. Accompanied by the fidelity bank SME bank products, hard accomplishment is easy to be adjustable easily. Bank produces SMEs along with guidelines and obligation for the growing out of this grouping and gives accounts created just for SMEs.


Advices and education are tried to be given to upcoming SMEs along how it’s arranged in SME radio program. Fidelity bank also agrees to give SMEs loans. Such loan is required for entrepreneurs who have a heavy challenge on their business. Such loans are fitted with attractive concept to suit the requirements of SMEs.

Fidelity Bank Corporate Banking

Corporate banking of fidelity bank has been the mark point bearer of corporate banks in the country. It’s only happening if the bank becomes full with the best professionals who are experts in their own fields. These experts also gives out new and creative solutions regardless to problem a customer might have. Also they provide for the needs of broad and different of industries some of which include agriculture and aviation. Bank gives an entire host of changes of products and services to their users. It is contained as well considered but not limited to a letter of credit, project finance, and syndicated finance.

Bank Private Banking

Bank’s private banking make available of supply of three basic services among which are; wealth maximization, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer. Wealth management services help you to build your present wealth through achieving the management of large amount of money objectives you set for yourself. Making available supply of achievement and saving advice to help you to successfully bring out a positive result this. The wealth preservation service has to put in a particular result making sure that your money you use in investment will not fade away. It is done by working with hands with its branches all over the word to give you the right investment choice. The wealth transfer is along with providing a portion of your wealth for your children and their children’s children.

Fidelity Online Banking

The Fidelity online banking gives you with an easy way to do a particular task for banking services without your particular presence being presented at the bank. This makes it an easier way that makes it more comfortable at your home or office, where you’re banking transaction can be carried out. What is required for you is that you should have a laptop and internet connection and you are good to go.

With Fidelity bank online banking you are allowed to pay bills from the comfort of your home at any point in time bills like: water bills, electricity, and even cable bills. Easy way of carrying out bank services as not been created. Transaction can also be made to your loved ones anywhere they are in the world using the fidelity online banking.

Fidelity Online Banking Login

Before getting access to the fidelity online banking portal, what should be done first is that you should log in to fidelity portal page. Just kindly put in this page address by using this URL to get full access go into your internet browser. If you already have account with the fidelity online baking, just log in, but if you don’t have any with them try to create one, just fill in your username and your password. Now you can enjoy the access, now you have been logged in.


Maybe you don’t have any online bank details, just tap on the register here option. All this are find below the page where all this are been present. Tips are below on how to sign up.

  1. First thing to do is to type in your account number in the required column. Confirmation fidelity code will be sent to the number you used in registering for the account. Please when registering, make sure you mobile device is with you when registering for fidelity bank online login.
  2. Immediately you are done with the above steps, tap on get started. You will be directed to the next steps. Where you will require filling in your username and password. This username and password you created will be used to access your fidelity page all time.
  3. What you need to complete your sign in process, make sure you install the fidelity bank soft token app. This process will have to be finished up by you. Immediately you are done setting this up, transaction can be done using the online banking of fidelity bank.


If you are having issue with downloading online, download from this link or copy this link and paste it on your browser board get access to it and fill it. Immediately you get access to it supplying the correct details, submit it to any fidelity bank branch close to you. Having difficulties to get this done by yourself, go to any branch around you to complete the registration done automically.

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