Five Alternatives to PayPal – Send and Receive Money Online

Five Alternatives to PayPal – PayPal is a great service to make payments online. As good as any service is, there may be disadvantages. PayPal is not supported in every country and they have very strict rules that do not favor some customers. For example, A Nigerian PayPal account is allowed to make payments but it cannot receive payments.

Due to all the issues experienced by users, we are writing this post to show you the best alternatives to PayPal that are also good. Some of them work in all countries, they can be used to receive payments and send payments. Besides, you do not need to hide your IP address to use any of these services.

Five Best Alternatives to PayPal


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a kind of digital currency and works in every country in the world. Bitcoin is not like the normal fiat currency, it has its own value. The price of a single bitcoin is estimated to worth about 10,000 USD in a few years to come.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are sabotaging the market for companies like the Western Union and MoneyBookers. A lot of people use Bitcoin to transfer money worldwide. You can use the Naira or dollar to buy bitcoin and also change Bitcoin to Naira or any other currency.

When you have bitcoin, you can send it to anybody in the world. Get started with Bitcoin in Nigeria by opening a Luno account. Luno is a bitcoin wallet that allows Nigerians buy Bitcoin with credit cards.


Perfect money is an e-currency website. With a perfect money account, you can send money to other perfect money users. You could convert the money to your perfect money account to Bitcoin. There are e-currency exchangers that can help you convert the money to your perfect money account to real cash.


PayZa is another popular alternative to PayPal. The company was previously known as AlertPay before it was rebranded in 2012. It is supported in over 190 countries. As a popular brand, you could use it to receive payments on your website from countries where it is supported. This service also allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin through the platform.


Neteller is an e-payment solution that is owned by the British Global Payments Company, Paysafe Group PLC. The company was founded in 1999. Neteller is available in 15 languages to over 200 countries. You can check the list of countries that don’t work with Neteller. It is also interesting to know that Bitcoin works with Neteller.


Payoneer is a financial service business that allows customers make an online money transfer and pay for services. The company has been around for a while. Freelancers are regular users of the Payoneer account. With an account, customers are entitled to own a MasterCard debit card. The card works on all ATM machines that have a MasterCard logo.

There you have them. These accounts are free to open. Hence, you visit their websites and click the sign-up button.

Some of them may require a means of identification to verify your account.

Disclaimer: Though these alternatives to PayPal are popular; they are not as popular as the worlds giant payment processor, PayPal.


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