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How TosFMWhatsApp backup - Quick Steps to Create backup

FMWhatsApp backup – Quick Steps to Create backup

FMWhatsApp backup – Quick Steps to Create backup and restore backup Process

FmWhatsapp is a mod of WhatsApp which is supposed for android that joins capabilities to the unique growth in phrases of privateness and file transfer during the message. Having known this, bring us to how we can backup and restore our files on android devices.

Backing up FMWhatsApp is easy, we display you grade by grade the way to proceed, and wherein to discover your backup later, so that you can preserve it secure and use it while you want it.

How does FM Whatsapp Works

We might be asked how the FM Whatsapp works? The systematic way this app function is amazing and scientific. However, the app cut off unnecessary needs for her users.

This can be utilized to wide up the functions of texting and chat applications, you can utilize two accounts simultaneously separated from asking for two SIM cards to download an application to create a space that is utilized together.

This gives the decision to keep information like this. With this fact, there are several Whatsapp apps you can use. These are;FMWhatsApp backup - Quick Steps to Create backup

  • WhatsApp prime
  • WhatsApp indigo
  • WhatsApp MA
  • GBWhatsApp Mini
  • Soula WhatsApp Lite
  • YCTWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp pro
  • KRwhatsApp
  • ZE WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp tweaker
  • GBwhatsApp
  • FMWhatsApp
  • YOWhatsApp
  • OGWhatsApp
  • BSE WhatsApp
  • Delta GBwhatsApp

Moreso, to backup, your chats on FMWhatsApp as a way to get better at any time, or in every other model of WhatsApp, open the app and click on the 3 small dots withinside the higher proper nook of the interface to open the alternatives menu.

FMWhatsapp Backup Step by step guideline

You can easily Backup the FM Whatsapp file on an External Device. you will be guided through the process involved to achieve this.

Carefully go through the step-by-step guidelines that we have stipulated here. As have earlier mentioned, follow the steps explained below:

Step One –  Find Dots

Locate the 3 vertical dots and press them. Missing this will totally affect your settings and backup won’t be successful.

Step Two See Display Settings

In the options displayed, select Settings, which is the last option. You will need to stick to this. Make sure you choose the last option.

Step Three – Setting option

Next, click on the Settings option. Just click on the setting option to the next step.

Step Four – Choose Wisely

You will have to choose wisely. The back option will base on what you have chosen. Then select the chats option.

Step Five – Chat section

You will have to choose the chat section so that you can easily back up all your chats. Visit the Chats section

Step Six – Back Up

At this point, you will have to proceed to next. Navigate to where you will see the Chat backup option.

Step Seven – Backup Now!

Here you can easily backup all your history chats. So, you will have to click on the Chat Backup button.

Final Step – In Process

To begin the backup process, immediately click on the backup button.

This process will create a local copy of your conversations/chats that will be stored in the framework of the local file. To access that copy, you will require a special file program to locate it.

Quite possibly the most recommended program for this assignment is ES File Explorer, in the event that you have no program installed for this sort of file, click on the accompanying green Download button to get the APK and install it.

ES File Explorer

  • Language – English
  • O.S. – Android
  • License –  Free


Presently, you need to search for the folder containing the backup. Open the application and enter the inner storage by clicking here.

Access the device’s inside storage

The organizer we are looking for is called FMWhatsApp, and inside that envelope, you will discover different envelopes and files with all the backup information.

Backup FMWhatsapp Chat history to Google Drive

It is advisable to backup your files on Google Drive storage. It is done this way because most people, I mean 90% of android and apple users, uses Google as a mean of email and Google have given all users an ability to back up files on their Google drive.

So, during the backup, choose Google drive.

Note: you must have a login to your Gmail account on your device.

  • During backup, choose your desire google account to back up your chat history
  • Then click on back up to Google Drive and select a backup frequency

Finally, in order to create the FMWhatsapp backup, just click on the ”backup option”.

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You may be considering what is new with the Google Drive backup. Albeit the alternative is offered in settings, it doesn’t work.

The alternative to create a backup and save it in your Google Drive account is just working in the official client, MODs can’t synchronize information in their most recent versions.

So the simple route left to create and work with backups is to copy them locally and afterward copy them to an outer storage unit.

How to restore FMWhatsApp backup to the device

While restoring the backup, all you need to do is copy that folder to the inner storage of the phone, a similar place you copied it before with ES File Explorer.

In the event that you will use FMWhatsApp once more future, you should never really, install it and wait until the alternative to restore the copy shows up just immediately after confirming your phone number.

FMWhatsApp backup discovered and fit to be restored

In any case, in the event that you will utilize another MOD or even WhatsApp Messenger, you should rename the folder accordingly with your new client’s name.

Search for information about the client you need to install to know exactly what to do in that case.

FM Whatsapp Restore from a Google Drive backup

For you to get a successful restore a Google Drive backup, ensure you need to use a similar phone number and Google account used to create the backup.

Step by step instructions to restore your backup from Google Drive

  • You should uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  • Access your WhatsApp and check your number.
  • whenever requested, click on RESTORE to restore your chats and media from Google Drive backup.
  • Then, at that point the restoration process is done, click NEXT. Your chats will be shown once initialization is complete.

Presently WhatsApp will start restoring your media files after your chats are restored.

If it’s not too much trouble, guarantee that If you install WhatsApp without any instant backups from Google Drive, WhatsApp will automatically restore from your old backup file.


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