Free Backlinks |Directory Submission

30 Free Directory Submission Sites With High PR

Free Backlinks with high Rank PR on Google. In order to obtain a high ranking on search engines is mandatory to build links to gain more traffic. From an SEO stand backlinks are a vital part of creating traffic to your site. Creating backlinks can be time consuming and at times frustrating. However, the more quality backlinks your site has accumulated the more increase traffic your site will receive. Hence the more increase traffic the more sales your site will generate. I have enlisted 30 free directory submission sites that do follow with high PR ranking.

Free Backlinks |Directory Submission

30 Backlinks Directory Submission Sites with High PR.

1. All Free Things  (Page Rank 4).

2. Free PR Web Directory (Page Rank 6).

3. Travel Tourism Directory Info (Page Rank 6).

4.  So Much (Page Rank 6).

5. High Rank Directory (Page Rank 6).

6. Britain Business Directory (Page Rank 6).

7. Marketing Internet Directory (Page Rank 6).

8. Hot Vs Not (Page Rank 6).

9.  Submission Web Directory (Page Rank 6).

10. Diolead (Page Rank 6).

11. Uk Internet Directory (Page Rank 6).

12. Jet Jaws (Page Rank 6).

13. Esjoub (Page Rank 6).

14. Lilink (Page Rank 7).

15. Feed Up Info (Page Rank 8).

16. Finance Buster (Page Rank 6).

17. Synergy-Directory (Page Rank 4).

18. Nexus Directory (Page Rank 4).

19. Directory Fire (Page Rank 4).

20. Master Moz (Page Rank 4) .

21. Direct My Link (Page Rank 4).

22. Pro Link Directory (Page Rank 4).

23. Info-Listings (Page Rank 4).

24. Submissions 4U (Page Rank 4).

25.  Piseries (Page Rank 4).

26. Gain Web Org (Page Rank 4).

27 Best Free Websites Net (Page Rank 3).

28. PR 3 Plus (Page Rank 3).

29. Web Directory Co (Page Rank 3).

30. 10 Directory (Page Rank 3).

Majority of directories will not update the follow link right away it can take up to 6 months. When creating  backlinks you must have patience because it can take a while to show up.  Make sure to bookmark this page so you can use it for future reference! Check out my post of 30 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site!

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