Free Online File Sharing And Storage Websites

Free Online File Sharing And Storage Websites – Top Best Five We Have Selected Out For Our Readers

Free Online File Sharing and Storage website – You have been searching for a way of sharing and storing in the website? Wow!!! You have an opportunity it one of the privileged am always here for you because this article is about the top 5 free online file sharing and storage website. With the action in change improvements in the internet connectivity all the global presently, free online file sharing and storage website had begun to grow their user lower part which is supported.

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Free Online File Sharing And Storage Websites – Top Best Five We Have Selected Out For Our Readers

The most useful and purpose of free online file sharing and storage website is that your hard disk doesn’t get discarded with loads of files. Anytime you are using a file sharing and storage site, never worry about your files getting lost. Files are kept securely stored in the cloud and can be shared with many individual. I will list out below free online file sharing and storage services you can be using. Here the sites below offer best services for storing and sharing files online to users.

No. 1 Free Online File Sharing And Storage Website – DROPBOX REVIEW AND LOGIN

Dropbox is the most popular and reliable services for file storage and sharing purposes. It is very relevant and trusted for free online file storage and sharing platform in the entire universe. Dropbox arrived with features of streamlined and easy to use web organization that enables it easy to use. It is a fixed place to keep documents, photos, and videos. Users also have opportunity to approach in sharing the files with their social networks as well but sadly, Dropbox arrives with 2 GB of free storage. But users can get up to 16 GB anytime to link up with friend.

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Enjoy a lot of full benefit of the platform by creating an account/ signing up or login to the official Dropbox website.


No. 2 Free Online File Sharing And Storage Website – GOOGLE DRIVE

Google Drive is one of the best free online file that share and store website that allows users to store files. It gives advantage for you to store any kind of file ranging from images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and movie, etc. The displayed site helps connects to Google plus and Gmail for sharing and collaboration.

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Google drive has a free a lot of storage space of up to 5 GB that is shared among Google Drive and Google plus Photos. It helps users to do minor changes, edit, and control permission of their files by making them hidden or out casted. The files that are transferred on Google drive are shareable with anyone. What is necessary for you to do is to put the recipient’s email address and proceed. Read also: Gdrive, Google Drive, Drive Google Sign in

No. 3 Free Online File Sharing And Storage Website – ONEDRIVE

OneDrive: this is one of the Microsoft’s free online file sharing and storage website. This displayed site allows users to share individual files through email or on social networks. Onedrive gives users 5 GB of free personal storage and each file size have the maximum of about 100 MB.


Which was formerly known as Skydrive and it comes formerly installed in Windows 10 helping users to accept their files on any device. One of the usefulness of OneDrive is that it has a tendered combination with and Windows 10. As Google Drive is created for Google users, OneDrive is also created for Microsoft users.

4 Free Online File Sharing And Storage Website – ICLOUD

iCloud is present for iOS devices only. It can operate all your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and other files. iCloud gives you files that you can share with friends. The assistance comes with 5 GB of free cloud storage. One of the best benefits gained is that the photos in your Photo Stream, music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books purchased from iTunes will never count against your storage limit.

No. 5 Free Online File Sharing And Storage Website  – MEDIAFIRE

MediaFire is among the free online file sharing and storage website. The displayed page gives a free, fixed, and extent cloud storage service for its users. MediaFire also welcomes any former MegaUpload user. This displayed page is similar to other file sharing and storage website such as: Amazon S3, Akamai, YouSendIt, etc.

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Click on this link Wetransfer can lets you transfer up to 2GB file for free and which you will not be involved in registration. These files are removed after 7days when moving from the WeTransfer database. Check as se what we are talking about.

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