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Looking For Free Website for your Business? Relax, because here; we will expatiate the more on how you can build personal free website for your Business. Here is Step by Step guide on how to create a Website on Wix……

  • Go to
  • Click sign in (if not a member)
  • Choose a Template (which depends on the type of website you are creating e.g. business, photography, online store etc) there are 100s of templates do no matter the type of website you are creating. You can also view and edit any template. Think of your template as a starting point.
  • Choose your subcategory e.g. for business there is consulting, marketing and services.
  • Choose the design you like. If there is something you don’t need, you can always change or delete it.
  • Customize your website. Drag and Drop anything or change anything like adding video backgrounds, images. Choose your fonts, colors, buttons etc. if you can’t find your desire font you can upload it and you can also edit your image using Wix’s image editor.
  • When it comes to content, it’s important for you to include information like your contact details, logo etc. so your clients can easily get in touch. With Wix you can make your website to your own perfect taste.
  • Create and edit pages. Make sure you create a stunning homepage because it is the face of your website, don’t forget to include a contact section in your homepage so that your site goers won’t be lead astray for them to search for your contact (dedicate an entire page or that which includes your contact details, social links, email and any other way you think your clients can get in touch with you. It is also good to add your essential contact details in the footer (bottom part of your website) of your website.
  • Add an amazing content to your homepage which explains the purpose of the website and don’t forget that short and sweet is the best.
  • Add a contact form so visitors can get in touch with you on your website.
  • Include your social buttons like your Facebook page. Instagram page and so on so your visitors can connect you.
  • Get subscribers. Add “Get Subscribers” on your website so that your visitors can subscribe to your mailing list right on your website, once your customer subscribes they will be added to your Wix Contacts so you can send them newsletters, updates, promotions and more.

Add blog to your website. Blogs are an interesting way to keep your website update and fresh and to attract new visitors. With Wix blog, you can write, edit and share posts with images and videos. Feel free to share anything on your website.

  • Publish to go live. Once you are done with creating your website and you love the way it looks, Publish it. From the Wix Editor, click “Publish” in the top right corner. You will immediately get a link to your new, live website. Anyone can use this link to visit your site. And that’s it you now have a website of your own- congrats!
  • Get the Best SEO for your website. Use Wix SEO Wiz to make it easier for people to find you online. Get your own personalized plan to take care of your SEO
  • Connect to a Custom Domain. Pick a domain name that is easy to remember and matches your website (you can also connect a domain name you already own.

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Things to know before creating a Free Website

  • Decide the name of your new website
  • Identify you’re your target market. How will your website influence the lives of your visitors.
  • Make research your competitors. Get to know their strength and weakness and how to overcome them.
  • Define your brand identity. Describe your brand in simple words and tell about the vision that motivates your brand, 6they should all correspond to your brand identity and serve your branding strategy.
  • Navigation flow. Make sure your site is clear so that visitors can easily navigate between pages and sub pages.
  • Don’t leave your site unreadable, use clear fonts and make your text colors contrast with the background.
  • Add all your content information in your footer including buttons linking to social media channels, display site map that leads to all pages of the site, write a brief about us or a site disclaimer text.
  • Mobile version. Every website must have a mobile version.


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