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TechFuel subsidy removal is the best thing

Fuel subsidy removal is the best thing

Fuel subsidy removal is the best thing Buhari has ever done – Boyloaf

Fuel subsidy removal is the best thing Buhari has ever done – Boyloaf.

– Boyloaf supports fuel subsidy removal by the Nigerian governmen.

– He accused oil marketers of their involvement in fraud through the subsidy scheme.

The former commander of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Victor Ben Ebikabowei also known as Boyloaf has thrown his weight behind the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari.  Mr. Victor Ben supports the idea of fuel subsidy removal as announced by the Nigerian President, this however made the price of fuel shoot up from N85/litre to N145/litre. Fuel subsidy removal is the best thing Buhari has ever done - Boyloaf

However, the National Labour Congress (NLC) and other group of activists have been protesting the development and also the NLC embarked on a strike despite their meeting with the President which ended in a deadlock. Moreover, the National Industrial Court stopped the NLC from embarking on the strike, an order which was flouted by the body.

Boyloaf said the removal of fuel subsidy is the best thing that has been done since President Buhari took over in May 2015. “Why will people shout? fuel subsidy is the highest fraud of this country, don’t you know, they don’t know the effect, don’t you know it is the subsidy that is making this country go down? READ ALSO:Man, 2 Daughters Burnt To Death As Stored Fuel Explodes In Lagos.

“To me I feel this strike is being pushed maybe by the oil boys, that is my own believe even in developed nations. They do not subsidise fuel, there is no where in the world where fuel is subsidised. “I think I believe it’s something like health medical and agriculture that the area they will give subsidy.

Because this subsidy is something that is dragging our nation backward. “Subsidy removal is the best thing, this is the best thing Buhari has ever done,” he said. He explained that the oil producers and marketers are engaged in subsidy fraud because they get so much money from the government than what they give out. ALso Read: Naira now trade at N340 to Dollar.

“Because at the end of the month, after giving allocation to each of the guys. The amount of money these guys collect even is bigger than the allocation they give out and the fraud in it is so clear because what they bring into the country and what they collect from the government is different.

“People don’t know what is happening. They are subsidising fuel for different countries it is just some group of people that are making money from the subsidy because that is what Goodluck wanted to do that people shouted because they don’t understand what we are talking about.

Source: Niaj News.


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