Fulani Herdsmen Kill 40 Farmers In Fresh Attack

Fulani Herdsmen Kill 40 Farmers In Fresh Attack

Fulani Herdsmen Kill 40 Farmers In Fresh Attack

As Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom fights to guarantee the arrival of practical peace in the war-torn Agatu groups of the state taking after intrusion of the region by suspected Fulani guerillas, the trespassers last Thursday extended their assault to nine towns in the property of previous legislative leader of the state, Dr. Gabriel Suswam, leaving no less than 40 individuals dead.
Numerous individuals are accounted for injured, a few houses and also farmlands produce blazed to powder, while swarms of other individuals are as yet missing pretty much as the whole has been betrayed.

The late assault by the herders on pure agriculturists in the region is coming scarcely 10 days after the radicals attacked the thickly populated Ukemberagya group in Logo Local Government Area killing one individual.

It was learnt that inconvenience began when the Fulani herders drove their cows for nibbling on the compound of one Mr. Orvesen of Tswarev group last Thursday.

It was accumulated that endeavors by the Tiv villagers to drive the cows out of the compound was opposed by the herders who demanded sustaining their creatures on the dried cassava, an advancement that started off a sharp difference between the two gatherings.

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