| New Ponzi Scheme -Funds Impact, You can Register

269 | New Ponzi Scheme -Funds Impact, You can Register

REVIEW – | New Ponzi Scheme -Funds Impact, You can Register: If you heard about is a New Ponzi scheme that was giving birth to out of thoughts on how to better the lives of individuals and an effective way is by circulating cash among her members for self-development purpose and providing individuals funds to start-up something that is useful to earn more and live a better | New Ponzi Scheme -Funds Impact, You can Register

Note: All confirmed Investors/members/participants will be matched within 48 hours. Incase of any problem, make sure to write to support. Note that you will **Get rewarded of 100% of your donation in less than no time!**


How to Join by following the Links below:


Features of System

  • Auto Matching System.
  • Delete button for defaulting users.
  • 24/7 Active Support System.
  • Fundsimpact has no Central account (Peer to peer donation).
  • No Referral necessary but you will get 10% referral bonus for referring an active participant.

Funds Impact

Funds Impact is a multinational platform where members fund one another financially in their time of need.

How works

To be a member, you must Sign Up to the system and be ready provide funds immediately by selecting any of the packages listed which you will donate to an existing member. Becoming a member has its own benefits because members are entitled to 100% of any funds donated.

List of Packages

Bronze Package

Amount to donate = 10000.00 NGN
Amount to get = 20000.00 NGN
You make a donation here by paying the sum of 10000.00 NGN to a member and the system will be matched with two members other members that will pay you 10000.00 NGN each which with a total of 20000.00 NGN
Silver Package
Amount to donate = 20000.00 NGN
Amount to get = 40000.00 NGN

Note: Make a donation here by paying a sum of 20000.00 NGN to a member and the system will match you with two other members that will pay you 20000.00 NGN each with  total of 40000.00 NGN
Gold Package

Amount to donate =50000.00 NGN
Amount to get = 100000.00 NGN


Ruby Package
Amount to donate = 75000.00 NGN
Amount to get = 150000.00 NGN


Diamond Package

Amount to donate: = 100000.00 NGN
Amount to get = 200000.00 NGN

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