Fzmovies Bollywood 2018 – Movie Download HD Hindi

Fzmovies Bollywood 2018 Movie Download HD Hindi Series

Fzmovies Bollywood is a good website where you can watch and download both Bollywood and Hollywood movies on their official website:  FzMovies offers you latest Bollywood movies ranging from year 2016 – 2018 Hindi series and also Hollywood Movies you would love to download in HD, mp4 and 3gp Formats.

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FzMovies is an outstanding website to download movies of your choice, it did not just provide users with a lone genre, it also provides Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Musical, Romance and lots more.

Where to Download Movie on Fzmovies

To download on fzmovies, you have to visit their official website on on your web browser to get the movie of your choice. It loads very fast and safe, it is virus free.

How to Download Hindi Series Via Keyword

FzMovies provides users with a search bar, with this search bar, you can download movies easily, all you need to do is to click o0n the search bar and type in the title or keyword movie of your choice you want to download then click on the search icon and it will display all the available movies with that title.

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For example, you want to download “Avengers Infinity War” what you should just type in the search bar is “Avengers” and click on the search icon, it then displays all the available Avengers, or you can also type in “Avengers Infinity War” and it displays the exert movie.

FzMovies: Downloading Via Sort

To download movies on FzMovies, downloading via sort need to be considered. Bollywood and Hollywood movies can be downloaded by:

Latest Updated

Here, movies are downloaded in respect of the latest update. This means that when a newer version or latest version of a movie is released, it is available for download by the sort.

Release Date

Here, movies will be sorted by the date it was released, for example, Deadpool was released by 2016, definitely it will be on the 2016 movie group.


With Alpha sort, movies are downloaded according to the first released version and the year it was released.

Most Downloaded On FZmovies

As the name implies, every website takes note of their most downloaded movie, when a movie download rate is high, the movie is sorted to most downloaded movie group. So if you know a highly downloaded movie and you need to download it just check it via Most Downloaded.

Filmfare Award

As other activities are been awarded, movies are also awarded yearly. In this group, movies that have received Filmfare awards are found here and can be downloaded here.

Downloading Via Stars

Movies can also be downloaded by the name of the super star included in the movie. By searching for the star cast of your choice, the websites will show you all the movies that featured that particular star cast.

Downloading Via Genre

In case you don’t know, movies are of different genre. Movies have to be arranged according to the genre. To download a movie by its genre, firstly you have to know the genre of the movie and maneuver it in the website and click on it.

How to Download Movies Subtitle for Hindi Series and Bollywood Movies

This is very easy to do. You should know that subtitles are downloaded only with the subtitle websites. To download the subtitle to a particular movie, after clicking in the particular movie and the page loads, you just have to scroll own the webpage till you see the subtitle box, it is usually beneath the movies High MP4 (HD quality) then click on  “subtitles”.


–  DropBox App, DropBox Login – DropBox Download

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After loading, you will see a text inside a box at the bottom of the webpage with the indication “copy and paste the text into the Google search box above”. Do so then click on the search icon beside the google search box.

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After all that procedures, it then opens google search result webpage, click on any suitable website to download the subtitle. It will be best done to click on the first search result.

You can request a movie on the website provides you with “Movie Request”. By clicking on it, you can request for a movie that you want to download. But before this can be done, there are some procedures you need to follow. Below are the procedures:

  • Tap on Movie Request
  • Type in your email address on the page you are directed to
  • Copy the code sent to your email
  • Ensure to abide to the set of rules displayed to you
  • Type the name of the movie you want to request for and the code sent to your mail
  • Click on submit
  • After this process, you will receive a notification on the available date of the movie you requested for.

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FzMovies – Official URL

For some time now, people are not able to access  the fzmovies website due to the way they type the URL, some type,,,, and many more. But the real URL

List of Fzmovies net 2018 Download Categories

  • The Accident Man (2018)- Full Movie Download
  • Devil’s Gate (2018) – Full Movie Download
  • Madtown (2018) – Full Movie Download
  • Demon Within (2018) Full Movie Download
  • Polka King (2018) – Full Movie Download
  • Maze Runner- Death Cure (2018) Full Movie Download
  • The Cage Fighter (2018) – Full Movie Download
  • Bad Apples (2018)- Full Movie Download
  • Fifty Shades Freed (2018)- Full Movie Download
  • When we first met (2018) -Full Movie Download


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