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The Best gaming PC: Top Rated Rigs in the World of Gaming. With software sales up and better than ever before, PC gaming is in a much better shape today than years back. The ultimate gaming PCs provide the end users with a great choice of hardware. Graphics cards, storage and memory are better interchangeable on PC than on any other platform.

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If you ultimately decide to go for gaming PCs the one consideration to have in mind is graphics specifications. A powerful graphics card affects the visual details and the game’s frame rate. Here are some of the best gaming PCs in the gaming industry.

  • Overclockers Asteroid
  • Maingear Shift
  • Lenovo IdeaCenter Y900
  • Alienware Area 51
  • Lenovo Eraser x510 Gaming Desktop

The Overclockers Asteroid as Best gaming PC

This is a beefy LAN-friendly PC with a tasty design. It is one of the best performing gaming machines in the industry. It is keenly designed to the details, with very notable attention to color and yes, a bespoke water cooling system.

It is excellent in performance and is never hot or loud. Though expensive, the Overclockers Asteroid has the capacity to handle anything from 4K gaming to VR perfectly well.

The Maingear Shift as Best gaming PC

This is the very definition of quality and luxury gaming that constantly runs in top gear. Its Nvidia GTX 980Ti graphics card enables it to handle 4K and VR gaming comfortably. The Maingear Shift spots a near-infinite expansion potential. The design is clever and stunning, though it will cost you a bomb to acquire one.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 as Best gaming PC

Though it comes in a designer case wrapping, this gaming PC is more accessible and has a great expansion potential. The Y900 heralds a moment of celebration in quality gaming. It has plenty room for expansions and upgrades. Its internal design is simple to soften the blow of some less optimal cable management.Best gaming PC

It is affordable and performs excellently. It is a good PC to usher one into the world of gaming.

The Alienware Area 51 as Best gaming PC

This beautiful looking and well-designed machine is a pentagon from a side view. It is simply funky and with its soft blue glow, the Alienware Area 51 is just irresistible. The various components of this machine are angled for easier access. It also features a liquid cooled overclocked processor and an AMD graphics card, the reason it performs exceptionally well. This machine also supports the option of configuration with dual Nvidia GeForce cards. The cards help better your experience with certain games which require additional graphics. It is also notably expensive, though that is not strange because it has everything that defines a quality gaming PC.

The Lenovo Eraser x510 Gaming Desktop

This is an old PC series but still has some of the best features for handling modern gaming. It is not the best value for money in comparison to other gaming machines. Even so, it is still capable of up to 1080P gaming. Its chassis is particularly alluring. The overall design features high-end AMD graphics card and a high performance CPU. The Lenovo Eraser X510 Gaming Desktop is your ultimate machine.

These are some of the best gaming PCs that you can consider having. Their performance is exceptional and they offer the best value for money.

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