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TechGlo Blackbery Plan Now Zaps Data

Glo Blackbery Plan Now Zaps Data

Glo Blackbery Plan: Glo Data Gone Wrong, Now Data Zaps.

Glo Blackbery Plan Now Zaps Data. This doesn’t sound like good news nor bad news but you can classify it as any news. But know that some elemental spirit has tampered with Glo Blackberry plan. Before the 1K 3GB was increased to N1400 3G, Glo blackberry plan was working fine without any excessive data charges. But I noticed something strange in the last few days which triggered me to write this Post on ”Glo Blackbery Plan Now Zaps Data”.
Glo Blackbery Plan Now Zaps Data

I subscribed for for myself Glo 2GB for N1,000 and it didn’t last up to a week without downloading anything. On the same phone, I subscribed for another 3GB N1400 Glo Blackbery Data and exactly after 3days, it was exhausted. Note that no downloading of any kind… In short the subscription was done on a Blackberry Q10 device.

I made another subscription on another Blackberry Q10 device N1500, 3GB for the past 3 weeks and its yet to be exhausted.

What i am saying is, Glo 2GB and 3GB data for N1,000 & N1,400 (blackberry plan) respectively doesn’t last at all. It zaps like Airtel data. Instead of subscribing for any of those plans, I’ll advice you go for the N1,500 plan.
However, if you’ve subscribed to any of the above Blackberry Plan subscriptions before, kindly let us know if your own data last or not.


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