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Glo Nigeria – Glo Data Share – How to share data on Glo | Glo Share Data

Glo Data Share – It preferable you try to share your data to both your family and friends. There will be a code which you can use to share your data through GLO network. Now, this will just get it done for you easily. To get the code just go through the procedure carefully. You need some tips which you need to know.

But if you need only how to share your data on GLO you can get it below: It just to let you know how lot of people has been making money on GLO which is very interesting on data share solution. Just notice that this post is not for way to share credit through GLO.


Glo Data Share – Code you can use to Share your Data on GLO

Glo Data Share | Glo Share Data

  1. Try to add people which you need to share your data with by dialing *127*01*then your friend number # maybe you can try “share then input your friend number to 127. Just like dialing *127*01*08012345467# maybe try send share 08012345467 to 127
  2. If you wish to deactivate people who you share with just dial *127*02* then the individual number # maybe you try “remove then the individual number to 127. Just like dialing *127*02*08012345467# or try by sending remove 08012345467 to 127.

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This step is just to help you share your data to your love ones Through Glo Network.

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