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TechGmail.com Compose Box - Enable Fullscreen Mode

Gmail.com Compose Box – Enable Fullscreen Mode

Gmail.com Compose Box – How to Enable Fullscreen Mode
If you have been sending messages using Google mail. You should be familiar with the looks of Gmail.com compose box. This is the interface where all users compose or write a message before hitting the send button. This is also the tab that has the send icon where user can send a message out of their Gmail.com inbox.


There has been lots of works and enhancement on Gmail.com compose box menu to make it looks much better than what it was. They have been lots changes done to enhance good and easy navigation on Gmail.com compose box menu.

Gmail Compose Box new Interface

The major changes done on this interface is the floating menu. The usual fullscreen mode has been readjusted and now has a floating extension just like a floating widget. Usually, on the compose box menu users can’t see their inbox and other settings. But now from the transparent part of the floating menu user can view other settings. But with the compose box menu right in front.

A user can manually disable this option of a small menu at the side and enable the old Gmail.com compose box menu at any time. The good news is that the new interface of this menu is very much better than the old one. But most users prefer the older interface to the new Gmail inbox. Becuase its faster and navigation is very easy and fast. Google has now made it possible that users can also get the fullscreen features.

Activate Gmail.com Compose Box Full Screen Menu

Get a bigger menu when composing messages. This is a full-screen feature that allows user to type email messages at ease. With much viewing space than the new menu box. You can always switch to the old view to enable fullscreen features. Below are some few steps to enable the fullscreen features.

How to Temporarily Enable Gmail.com Compose Box Full Screen Mode

  1. Using any internet web browser login to your Google mail account or you can read out Gmail login steps.
  2. Click on compose icon at the top left corner. The icon is the only icon in red color on that axes.
  3. Now click on the double arrow option at the top right corner of the Compose Box. This we enable fullscreen mode temporarily.

Gmail.com Compose Box

How to Permanently Enable Gmail.com Compose Box in Full Screen Mode

  1. After clicking on compose and Full Screen Mode has been activated. Click on the small arrow icon facing down at the right bottom of the menu. To access all settings for this menu.
  2. Now click on Default to full screen. This we save this setting permanently.

Full Screen Mode

But for users who still love the old interface, you can click on temporary switch to old compose. There are still other settings available on the setting window.


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