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Gmail Signature – Add a Signature to Gmail

Gmail Signature – How to Add Signature to all Gmail Messages
Digital signature is an electronic form of signature. That gives the recipient more reason to be sure that the digital message was created by the known sender. It stands as a valid evidence on electronic document for both the recipient and the sender. This is way detecting forgery or to know if some tampers with your electronic document or message.Gmail Signature - Add a Signature to Gmail

What’s signature

As we all as the URL to Google mail for sending electronic messages. This platform is popularly called Users can send mails to other users at no cost if he or she has the recipient email address. Recipient can also temper with mails received. But with Gmail signature users can easily detect any form of forgery or tampering on his or her sent mail.

One of the basic things that a user should always consider when sending mail with Google mail. Is that they should always add a Google mail signature to their messages at the bottom of each message before sending it to the recipient.

How Create Gmail signature

Every user can now add unique and professional signatures to their outgoing Google messages. Right form the compose menu of Google mail. Here is a tip on how to create Gmail signature.

  1. You need to login to your Google mail account. You can read our Gmail Email Login tips.
  2. When logged in click on the settings icon at the top right corner of your account.
  3. And click on settings to access the web page for settings. This page has various settings in it every setting in Google mail can be found here
  4. From the general tab you don’t have to go to any another tab. All you need to do is scroll down where you see signature.
  5. Now on the signature box type in a text you want to use as your signature. You can add nice characters and features to your signature. you can even add photos or a written signature to your signature.
  6. Now this is a very important step that most users ignore. You have to click on the Save Changes icon below to save your setting.

You can also add links or other important information to you Gmail signature. Its awesomely great when your recipient get to see your digital signature at the bottom of every mail.

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