Google Adsense Increase Mobile CPC Clicks


Google Adsense Increases – Get High CPC from Google By Optimizing Your Website Mobile Platform

Google Adsense increases very possible these days. Google had given more priority to all mobile platforms because it is the platform that Users used often.

Google Adsense Increase Mobile CPC Clicks
Why The Sudden Increment On Mobile Platform?

Moreso, Day-to-day mobile users are very exceptionally increasing in AdSense earning because laptops and computer features are available on smartphones, iPads, and tablets. Every smartphone user utilizing the internet for personal purpose, business or entertainment purposes.

Google AdSense member of the team now gives more importance to the mobile platform advertisers and also the publishers because the mobile platform visitors are high presently. Because of that, Google clicks on mobile have high CPC.

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At the mobile platform, the more reason for the high CPC is that mobile online journals are low compared to desktop websites. The Mobile websites in the sense that; website owners will create separate subdomains for mobile visitors, like “” or [m = mobile].

For us at PGupdatesNG, we have already enabled both mobile and desktop version on my blog without creating any subdomain because our website codes is a RESPONSIVE THEME

How To Fix Mobile View On Website?

You can fix the mobile view of your website. You don’t have to have coding knowledge. In today’s technology, there are numerous WordPress plugins that can be used to enable website mobile view. For this tutorial, we will suggest you use module Jetpack WordPress. The module has many features to enjoy, simply activate the mobile theme feature at the plugin settings. By so doing, it optimizes your website for the mobile device.

Method 2

There is a plugin called AMP. This is a recommended plugin that can be used in order to optimize your website for mobile devices. To download the plugin, visit the download link here and make sure you follow the tutorial on how to fix a common error that the plugin generated.

Some Tips for High Adsense Earnings

Google AdSense earnings are just a method to earn very high online and it is the No.1 online company that offers high earnings since the year 2005. Let us see some useful tips in order to earn high today.

Great Experimental with Ad Style

You know that there is a section where you can change the way your ad style format look. After you have been approved for AdSense and When you are inserting the AdSense code to your website, the default AdSense ad background shading just displayed. It will be better to change the shading background to your website color.

Enable Image/Rich Media Ads

If you should choose ad image and rich media ad type automatically change to visitors’ view with the impressions that ad format changes Images, Text, and Videos ad.

Make Link Color Match to Theme In-Content

In this aspect of earning higher in Adsense, make sure your ads LINK color matches that of your THEME content.

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We do believe you want to increase your ads CTR, to achieve this is the option simply make ads interface shading as default theme connect shading for this method you can get click easily. Make a decent layout similar to your blog’s text and connection shading style.

Ad Placement

Some youthful bloggers don’t have the foggiest idea where they should place an ad all alone blog. Presently google updated new terms and conditions for those are placing AdSense placing below title should give ad widget named Ads or Advertisement otherwise ban your AdSense account. So simply place ads right or left side of the post.

This idea is completely my own experience and I am since following still now and it gives better performance on my blog and you also attempt to write your performance on the comment.


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