Google Duo App Video Calling App | Use Google Duo Call App

Google Duo Video Calling App | Use Google Duo Call App

Google Duo App, A Video Calling App  –  Google has made things more easier especially in the aspect of video calling, Google has launched a video calling application called Duo.

Duo is an application that is free to use and enables face to face video and voice calls. This relies on the number you use, it enables you to reach people in your phone’s contact list and also offers end-to-end encoding and also have amazing features like Knock Knock which let you to see the live video of the caller before answering the call.

Duo is very easy to use and also the application’s interface is extremely simple to access. Continue reading this article about the amazing Google application called Duo. Below are how Duo works and how to get started with Duo and also for you to know if it is safe to use.

Google Duo Video Calling App | What is Google Duo Video Call App?

Google launched Duo at its Google I/O developer conference in the year 2016. Duo is free and available for both IOS and Android devices around the world, as a “simple video calling” application for everyone. It’s essentially a FaceTime, Whatsapp/Skype competitor.

Google Duo Video Calling App: How does Duo work?

  • Download the application for your IOS or Android device
  • Once you launch the application, you will have to agree to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Service. This is where you can indicate if Duo can send notifications to you and also access your microphone and camera
  • After the above processes, type in your phone number. On the phone number you typed in, Google will send you a one-time code through SMS, you will need this code to enter into Duo in order to verify your number
  • It is a must you verify your number because Duo contacts will use your number to call you which is the same way how Whatsapp works
  • You will be shown the app’s main interface (a screen splitted into two different places with the top half showing you what the camera sees and the bottom part showing a large video call button. When the screen shows, you will be asked to let Duo access your contacts.

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Google Duo Video Calling App | Video Calling

Anytime you open the Duo app, you will see the camera view/video call button screen. For you to start making video call on Duo you have to follow the below steps:

  • Click on the video call button
  • A contacts screen will pop-up where you can search for contacts by either name, number and also invite friends to Duo
  • For your friends to start video calling you, they will need to install Duo first
  • Once your friend have the Duo app installed on his/her device, tap the video call button, then you can find your friends on the contact screen the click on his/her name when seen
  • This first call you make, Google will tell you “Smile! Knock Knock is on”, alongside a notice that implies your friend, if he/she has your contact
  • You will appear on your friends phone while you are calling. Don’t think your friends cannot see you while you are calling them, yes the can and that can lead to some drastic situations. (your friends cannot see you while they are calling you).
  • Whenever you video call a friend, a screen will be shown warning you that your video is visible then the name or the number of the person you are video calling will appear, an end button will also appear all of which is laid onto a view of whatever your camera sees (likely you)
  • What you get a call from a friend, and you are busy with your phone, a incoming video call screen will appear which comprises of a view of whatever his/her camera sees, a name or number of your friend, and different buttons to answer or end the video call
  • If you are not busy with your phone, you will get a notification which will let you know a video call is incoming (maybe your ringing tone).
  • Once you answer a video call or your friend helps you answer your call, you will see the main video call screen which will include a view of whatever his/her camera sees and five different buttons. These five buttons has its functions. Below are the functions of the buttons:
  1. A button to change the audio source
  2. A button to toggle between your front and rear facing cameras
  • A mute button
  1. A button/round thumbnail of your camera view (which you can tap to increase or decrease your friend’s camera view to the round thumbnail)
  2. A button which you can use to end a call
  • When either you or your friend ends a call, you will be brought back to the camera video call button screen where you will be shown buttons for your previous and most used contacts next to and below the video call button
  • Please note that if you did not have someone in your contact, the quick-hit buttons for your previous and most used contacts will show their phone numbers, if you tap on any of this number buttons, you will be prompt to add the number to your contacts, start a video call, remove it from the list or block the number.

Google Duo Video Calling App | Manage Preferences

While on the app’s actual interface, click on the three vertical dots button located at the upper right hand corner of the interface, you will see options like Settings, Help and Feedback. Click on the Settings option. On the Settings option, you will find different options where you can change anything you want including the ability to turn off Knock Knock, you can also set limit to your mobile data usage, enable your phone to vibrate while its ringing (this is for Android only), unregister your phone number and also the ability to block numbers and lots more.

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Google Duo Video Calling App Questions frequently asked by interested users 

Is Duo free?

Questions are been asked by interested users that is Duo free, yes Duo is free to download and use.

Can you disable Knock Knock?

As said earlier, you can disable Knock Knock on Duo, this can be done under the Settings menu within the app. Knock Knock is a feature on Duo that let users to see live video of your caller before you answer.

Can group calls be done on Duo?

We are very sorry for this, Duo is not meant for group calls that is why it is called a 1-to-1 video calling app.

Can voice calls be done on Duo?

This is a Yes; voice call can be done on Duo. As said according tom a tweet from Google exec Amit Fulay, this app was updated in March 2017 so that users can use it to place voice calls.

Can you sign up without a phone number on Duo?

It is impossible. Your phone number is essential because a one – time password will be sent to you for verification and this app also let you reach people in your phone’s contact list.

Is Duo fast and reliable?

Duo is fast and reliable so that video calls can connect fast and work well even on slow networks. While video calling, Duo will switch to Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically without dropping your call.

Is Duo safe?

Yes, Duo is safe to use. Its video call are end-to-end encrypted.

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