Google Launches Android 10 Operating system (OS)

Google Launches Android 10 Operating system (OS) | Android 10 Operating system (OS) – Security and Privacy Resolved!

Google Launches Android 10 Operating system (OS), sound good news? At last, Google Android 9 has become an old version since the Google Android 10 official dispatch. This is indeed a major new update in Tech space today.

Google Launches Android 10 Operating system (OS)
                Google Launches Android 10 Operating system (OS)

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However, Google started by putting security challenges encompassing Android OS into rest by fixing and including new security features.

Furthermore, one significant security and privacy feature coming in Android 10 is the capacity to control how apps access your area.

Presently users with the latest OS 10 have authority over which application can access their areas. Also, users to get notified (a sort of reminder) when the inactivated app is finding their areas. Which is completely going to up to the users whether to share area or not to.

In spite of the fact that the newly released security and privacy measure Google has set up is definitely not a new thing in favor of Apple’s iOS Tech company.

Would it be a good idea for us to state this is arriving behind schedule? of course not.

As indicated by that the dispatch of Android 10 comes after a heavy analysis of Google’s Android OS, following a number of recent security problems; malware assaults use to be one of them.


The new Google Android 10 Operating system (OS) has now come with the latest Google’s Pixel phones (you can always check out specifications of the Google Pixel latest release Likewise, another phone tech ought to be releasing newer phone models with Android 10 OS from this release date.

However, the new OS 10 has come with heaps of improvements bug, with new features to give every single user more authority over their privacy.

Latest Features of the Android 10 Operating system (OS)

  • New gesture navigation 
  • Dark theme 
  • More advance Personalized themes 
  • New menu drawer peek 
  • Focus Mode 
  • A new Google Assistant trigger gesture 
  • Better permissions controls 
  • Faster sharing 
  • Smart reply improvements 
  • Live Caption 
  • Miscellaneous changes

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