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TechGooglechrome Tips on Mobile|Most Read!!

Googlechrome Tips on Mobile|Most Read!!

Googlechrome 5 Tips on Mobile You Most Know About.

Googlechrome has been the default browser on Android smartphones for years now. With consistent updates, Google has kept the app capable enough to compete with any other uprising platform out there. However, there are some parts you’ve never come across or utilized. Hence, here are five of those that will for sure ameliorate your experience.

1. Googlechrome can be use in Searching an image on Google.

Googlechrome Tips on Mobile|Most Read

If you’re used to performing searches on Google based on text. However, there’s also an option for browsing based on an image. This functionality is also available on Chrome’s mobile app, to do so, you just need to press and hold any image you want to search in a webpage and hit the “Search Google for this image” option. The results will contain the actual dimensions of the file and other related pictures.

2. Googlechrome can Save web pages as PDF.

Taking a screenshot every time you need some important data from a website isn’t particularly fun and plus, it doesn’t provide the complete view of the entire page. Thankfully, you can save pages as PDF using a nifty trick.

Googlechrome Tips on Mobile|Most Read

To store a web page as PDF, tap the three dots option on the top right and click “Print”. Select “Save as PDF” in the first drop down and finally, press the floating button on the left. It will ask you the location, you can either save it locally or in your Drive account.

3. Googlechrome can be use as touch to Search.

Despite being an extremely handy tool. This something almost no Chrome user is aware of. “Touch to Search” lets you Google a word once you select it. A window from the bottom will slide in so that you won’t have to leave the page at all.

Googlechrome Tips on Mobile|Most Read

Google enables this by default, although just in case it isn’t, head over to the settings and then “Privacy”. Locate “Touch to Search” and enable it. Now whenever you select a word, Chrome will bring up a quick search for you to glance at.

4. Low on Data? Turn on Data Saver

Googlechrome Tips on Mobile|Most Read

Google’s Chrome app also features a “Data Saver” which you can turn to compress web pages and preserve data. Turning on is simple as turning on a switch located in the settings. Data saver on Chrome works with the help of Google’s servers and won’t work in incognito mode.

5. Googlechrome can be use as clearing data of individual websites.

Most of the websites out there create local data when you visit them. Although, sometimes to clear some space or for any specific privacy concerns, you can delete that data through a couple of steps on Chrome.

Googlechrome Tips on Mobile|Most Read

To delete local files of a particular website. Once you load it, tap the three dots option and click the “info” button. Following that, tap “Site settings” and finally “Clear and Reset”. It will also show you how much data the website has saved on your phone.

These were couple of tips you should be aware of as a Chrome user on mobile. Let us know if you know somemore in the comments section down below.

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