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Grammarly Keyboard Review: Grammarly Keyboard Download

Grammarly Keyboard Review: Grammarly Keyboard Download

Grammarly Keyboard Review – Grammarly Keyboard is a very good keyboard that helps you correct your grammar. It can also help you in your spelling errors when typing. GRAMMARLY KEYBOARD helps you edit long document, helps you when composing email and while chatting on social medias like facebook, Instagram, twitter, whatapp and all other social medias.

This app is very useful to everyone be it students, parent, professors, workers and so on. This is becaue no one is above mistake. While typing, anybody can make mistake. This app helps you corretct those mistakes automatically. This amazing app known as GRAMMARLY KEYBOARD makes it simple for us to accept changes and correction. GRAMMARLY KEYBOARD has visual customizations knows as choice between light and dark theme options. GRAMMARLY KEYBOARD has good editing options, likes of capitalization, and also the auto correction.

This app works across all apps. It makes you an effective writer by offering you writing suggestions. this app makes you a better spelling person and also does grammar check compared to some android keyboard. This app can also be called a personal editor which edit your texts and correct them. It is available for android users, ipad, iphone and other devices. It is a good spellchecking app.

This app is now available for both android and iPhone users. Grammarly keyboard help you to stop making mistakes in English.

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How To Download And Install Grammarly Keyboard

For those of us that our mobile devices are compatible with GOOGLE PLAYSTORE

Firstly, open google playstore

In the search section, type the name of the app “Grammarly keyboard”

Click on the download section

After downloading, google automatically installs the app for us

Lunch the programme and get started

For those of us with no GOOGLE PLAYSTORE on our mobile device,

Go to

Google will direct you on how to download the app. After downloading the app, launch the app and get started.

Grammarly Keyboard Account

After installing the app, open it and log in to our Grammarly account. For those that do not have an account, you can easily create one. Once you have logged in or created your account, you need to enable the Grammarly keyboard in your mobile device settings. Usually on the keyboard of a mobile device, there is always a globe icon all you need is to change the keyboard from there. After doing that, Grammarly keyboard becomes your mobile device default keyboard and starts helping you correct mistakes and grammatical errors. Read More; How To Make Use Of Android App On Your Laptop

For iPhone users, you can as well use this app. Follow the procedure and enjoy the app as you use it.

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