GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat | GTBank Customer Care Line, Contacts

GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat | GTBank Customer Care Line, Contacts


GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat  – In the event that you have any enquiries you can either get through to GTBank Customer Care line or use the GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Live Chat. In the event that you are a GTBank account holder or customer, there are certain times that you will have an issue and you need to get it resolved ASAP.

GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat | GTBank Customer Care Line, Contacts
GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat | GTBank Customer Care Line, Contacts

However, GTBank customer line number is available to its customers all day, every day and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer grievances and issues 24/7 anytime and any day.

Problems Solved by GTBank Customer Care Line and GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat

Below are certain problems that can get solved by GTBank Customer Care Line and GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat:

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  • Stop check guidance
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Lethargic account reactivation
  • Account reactivation
  • General Account issues
  • Check book request
  • Statement of account request
  • Information on GTBank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card exchange issues
  • ATM card square request
  • Online financial enquiries
  • Online financial secret phrase reset
  • Acquire information about our Offshore Banks in Gambia, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania and UK.
  • All grievances spreading over all GTBank products and services.

Having mentioned some problems that can be solved by GTBank Customer care 24/7 line, let us go into all the GTBank Customer Care Line Numbers that are available 24/7

GTBank Customer Care Line Numbers – day in and day out Availability

On the off chance that you need to speak to GTBank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone if your protest is going to take some time. GTConnect lines are available every minute of every day.

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Above are the GTBank or GTConnect contact you can call at any time to make any complains or lay down a complain or problem.

GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat  – every minute of every day Availability

In the event that you are the online sort of person, then this alternative is for you. It is really economical to get in touch with them online instead of making calls to them.

In the event that you are on Twitter, direct all grumblings to their Twitter handle using  @gtbank_help.

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On Facebook, Drop comments or message to Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria Plc Page.

There is additionally a live talk tab when you open their official website and check beneath your screen. As appeared in the image below.

GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat Bolt LINK HERE

Alternatively, you can send protests in an email to

Cautioning: I’ve seen people dropping objections and posting their bank details here, this isn’t right and we won’t be held liable for any trick or deductions that happens on your accounts by preying scammers. This is only a guide on the most proficient method to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

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How has been your experience with GTBank Customer Care Number Line and GTBank Customer Care Live Chat? Drop comments below.

0 thoughts on “GTBank Customer Care 24/7 Online Chat | GTBank Customer Care Line, Contacts

  1. I need to know if the transaction I did around 6:35pm today to friend with polarise bank not successful but I was debited

    1. Hello Joseph

      Please kindly follow the article to get th GTBank customer care live chat.
      This is just a site for an instruction on how you can reach-out to the customer care without going to the bank.

  2. I transferred Moni to diamond Bank yesterday and I was debited but d person didn’t get d Moni what’s going on with gtbank?

    1. Hello Hauwau Shittu,

      This is not the issue with GTBank network. It is the fault of diamond bank network as a result of the merger between access bank and diamond bank and this has caused many issues to their customers and I also experienced the same issue with the diamond bank since 3days now!

  3. Hello. Please I transferred money to access bank account since yesterday morning and I was debited immediately. The person hasn’t still seen the alert.the person contacted his bank and they also said I should contact my own bank to verify. Please what is the problem?

    1. Hello Aisha Ahmed;

      This is not the issue with GTBank network. This has been happening since the merger of ACCESS & DIAMOND BANK. It is the fault of ACCESS bank network as a result of the merger between access bank and diamond bank and this has caused many issues to their customers and the same issue keeps occurring at all the 36 States. Hold for 2days otherwise, request for a refund from GTBank

  4. Good morning… gtbank account was tampered yesterday….my account debited and I didn’t make any transaction…..pls take note and rectify.

  5. Pls, it will take like how many days for your bank to approve my references letter. I have submitted it since last week and I was told today that it is not yet verify


    PLEASE READ, An ugly experience with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB); you might have fallen victim of same or similar case or might even be the next…

    On Friday, 01 June, 2018 while going to work, my brother’s phone was unfortunately stolen, on Monday, 04 June, 2018, he later discovered that his Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) account had been hacked and all the money in the account had been transferred (emptied his account of close to a million naira) into another Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) account and some other Bank accounts. Immediately, we went to the nearest Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) to make a report of the incident and his observations, we were informed that we needed a Police report and a sworn affidavit for the bank to act on the case.

    Immediately, we got the Police report and a sworn affidavit, submitted to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) same day (Monday, 04 June, 2018) as requested to enable the bank act on the case as fast as they could.

    Expecting that adequate action would have been taken, we returned to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) only to be informed again that we needed a Bankers Order if we really wanted them to assist in recovering the money back from the accounts the money had been fraudulently transferred to. To my dismay. Without wasting time, we went back to the Police Station and High Court, Ota, got the Bankers Order, a Warrant of Arrest document from the Police Station and a letter signed by the DPO, informing Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) of the necessity to arrest the culprits.

    After getting all the mentioned documents, to my utmost dismay, on our return back to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota), we discovered that practically nothing had been done on the case, no action was taken at all, not even to block the culprit’s GTB account from further transactions, on asking why, we were again informed to get a Court Order. I felt very disappointed and greatly angered, my brother left for the High Court, Ota to process the Court Order.

    On Tuesday, 12 July, 2018, we got an interim Injunction from the High Court, and on Wednesday, 13 July, 2018, we submitted the Court Injunction to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) clearly stating and instructing that the culprit’s accounts be blocked immediately (without further delay) and necessary steps should be taken to recover the money. Astonishingly and disgustingly, on Wednesday, 25 July, 2018, my brother’s lawyer called and showed him a shocking message he received from Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) with an attachment of the culprit’s account details of how the culprit had moved all the money to other accounts even up till Monday, 16 July, 2018.

    Now Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) is claiming that they had taken steps to block the accounts after they received the Interim Injunction from the Court. What a total negligence and lack of respect for customers. Investigations showed that similar cases and occurrences had been reported severally to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) and they always do nothing about it.

    This interprets to me that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch) is not diligent enough and do not have the interest of their customers at heart. Perhaps, they are fond of protecting their ‘big’ customers at the expense of other customers. Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch) decided to do nothing on this case, folding their arms until all the money in the culprit’s account was moved, this also shows that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch) colluded with the fraudsters informing them of my brother’s actions and telling them to move the money up till 16th July, 2018, after they got an Interim Injunction from Court to block the fraudster’s account, suddenly, over a million naira was withdrawn and the account became empty.

    I recommend that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) be CLOSED DOWN, and the Manager be PROBED because if they had acted promptly enough, not assisting the fraudsters, the fraudsters wouldn’t have been able to carry out their transactions.

    Therefore, I conclude by saying ‘Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) SUCKS’

    Customers out there, I know you also have ugly experiences of their unprofessionalism and operations, don’t keep quiet, tell your story today, Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) should pay for their unprofessional acts of negligence to Customers, this is showing that we can no longer entrust our valuables with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB). They have forgotten that we Customers MADE them and we can also MAR them.

  7. Pls i made a transaction this afternoon and my account was debited but i could not cash my money out, pls i wait for reversal speedly

  8. I want to clear my outstanding quick credit load and why the bank debited me for ATM that I didn’t applied for.

  9. I attempted the *737*51*51# instant loan, which I have seen friends successful with,on Friday. The response I got was that a SMS will be sent to me for status. Till now I’ve seen no SMS a and I don’t know what else to do. I also fear that I might be debited for what I did not receive. Please what can I do?

  10. I want to be paying back the instant loan I acquired as fast as possible so I can finish payment in time, please how do I go about that admin

  11. My junior sister’s account was debited without receiving the money. She went to the bank yesterday and she was told to wait the problem is she don’t if she was asked to wait 8hours or 8days

  12. Went to the bank to get another atm because the old one would expire this november. The idiots told me they have already charged me and my atm is ready in lagos. I am not in lagos, i opened the acct in Jos. They said i should go to lagos and collect the card or should be charged again. Isn’t this madness?

  13. I am very angry with Gtbank.

    I opened an account with you 20yrs ago when i was in the university in Jos, and later went back to lagos. The branch i started using is in 23rd, festac. I relocated to asaba and started using another Gtb nnebisi road.
    Problem started when i checked my atm card and knew it would expire November. I went to the bank on the 17th to demand for another one only to be told by the customer care that ghey have already debited me WITHOUT my knowledge in lagos and i should go to lagos and pick my card.
    Me, pregnant woman, should travel to lagos and get my atm. I was very angry and started getting it hot with the customer care lady. The manager came and said same. That i should get someone trust worthy to do it. I did, got my mum, she made me fill a forn and scaned my voters card and pretended she was helping me send a mail down to 23rd road as my mum was waiting in 23rd branch with her own voters card as well as a proof of Identification to collect my card on my behalf. She actually asked me to go home that it was sorted. I went home making calls and they said they didnt see any mail.
    My mum was told to go home after calls that nothing was coming from asaba.
    I went back on thursday and one staff was surprised and paid the money from her personal account so i could have a new one as i was determined in wont be charged twice and they won’t be the ones toeat my money.

    My anger:
    Gtb does not have a right to deduct money from my account without my knowledge,

    Gtb cannot print another atm when i have not shown interest.

    I have a right to pick my atm in any branch so long that it is gtb not to be referred to go to the bank of their own choice.

    The manager wasnt feeling concerned. I told them i rather close the account than be debited twice

  14. Sir, my account Ogunwa adetokunbo. GTBANK: 0032968953 was hacked, so I need your email so as to send all the details to you please.

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