GTBank Non-Resident Nigerian Account – How to Apply

GTBank Non-Resident Nigerian Account – How to Apply  –  The GTBank Non-Resident Nigerian Account is an account for Nigerians living abroad. This account provides customers abroad with lots of GTBank services. The services include the opening of saving accounts, current accounts. Investment in all kinds of money market instruments and E-banking services.

The GTBank Non-Resident Nigerian account is a premium account that allows Nigerians living abroad to open and operate a Nigerian Bank account from anywhere in the world.

Nigerians living in the Diaspora can receive money through their non-resident account. It could also be used to send money to anyone in Nigeria through internet banking.

Requirements for GTBank Non-Resident Nigerian Account

First of all, you need to have all the requirements to open the account. Below are the requirements you need to produce;

  • A Passport photograph.
  • A means of identification. The following documents are accepted;
    • Nigerian/Foreign international passport (It must be stated that you are a Nigerian).
    • The Nigerian National Identity card.
    • The Nigerian driver’s license.
  • A document to prove your Foreign Address. The following documents are accepted;
    • Utility bill issued within the last three months.
    • A stamped reference letter or stamped bankers confirmation got from your bank abroad.
    • A credit card or bank statement issued within the last three months. It must be stamped by your bank or certified as an original copy by a notary public.
  • Two references for a Current or Domiciliary account. The two references must be current account holders in Nigeria.
  • For joint accounts, an original copy of your marriage certificate is required.

How to Apply for the GTBank Non-Resident Nigerian Account

The form can be applied for online. Kindly download the appropriate form below;

Fill the form, scan all the documents mentioned above and send to [email protected].

In addition, you need to have registered for the Nigerian Bank Verification Number. If you have already registered in Nigeria, you can check our post on how to link BVN to GTBank. If not registered for BVN, click to see where you can register for BVN outside Nigeria.

After the account is successfully set up, register for the GTBank internet banking platform to easily perform banking transactions. It would be easier this way since you are not resident in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions on NRN

Do customers who visit the country still have to notarize documents?

No. sighted copies of the documents by a GTBank staff in Nigeria is acceptable.

Can co-operate accounts be opened via the NRN platform?

No. The GTBank non-residential Nigerian account is only available to individuals and not businesses.

How can Non-residence customers fund their Account?

  • You can transfer funds from your foreign account into your GTBank domiciliary account.
  • You can fund your account anytime in Nigeria.
  • Transferring funds from your domiciliary account into Naira account using FX sale service or internet banking.

Can Non-residential account holders transfer money from NRN accounts to beneficiaries in Nigeria?

Yes, you can transfer money to other beneficiaries in Nigeria. You can transfer to either GTBank customers or none GTBank customer.

How do I apply for the NRN MasterCard?

The GTBank MasterCard will be shipped to your foreign address for a fee after the account has been opened.

What should I do if my NRN MasterCard is Misplaced?

You can hot list the misplaced card to stop it from functioning. Read our post on how to block GTBank card.

How do I obtain another NRN MasterCard?

You can easily apply for another card by filling the Naira MasterCard application and indemnity form. Customers should fill the form, scan and send to the GTBank contact center. Card and courier services will be charged.

long will I wait for the replacement card to arrive?

The requested card should arrive within 12 days after applying for the card. An email will be sent to you after the request has been granted.

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