WhatsApp Last Seen: Hide “Last Seen” Update on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Last Seen: How To Hide Last Seen Update on WhatsApp

Hide Last Seen Update  – Numerous individuals realize they can hide the “Last Seen” refresh on WhatsApp yet don’t simply realize how to go about it on their phones. Numerous individuals have seen individuals come online and afterward offline without WhatsApp appearing “Last Seen” when you open chat with them. This isn’t something new as individuals have been turning off the “Last Seen” highlight for a long while now.

In this article, I will demonstrate to you industry standards way to turn it on and off at whatever point you like. It’s one of the privacy features individuals truly needed on WhatsApp and they not just got that, they likewise got features like the ability to hide WhatsApp profile photos from individuals and Block People you don’t need on your WhatsApp.

How To Hide or ‘’Turn off Last Seen” Update on WhatsApp

To turn off last seen updates on whatsApp could be a bit challenges but will show you How to Hide or ‘’Turn off Last Seen” Update on WhatsApp.

The steps to follow to achieve this is quite similar to when you want to tweak WhatsApp Privacy Setting). However, tt’s all about going to your Privacy Setting and tagging the options you have there. So here is it again:

  • Go to your WhatsApp Setting then to >>>> Account
  • When You there, tap the ‘’Privacy’’option under your Account settings as seen in the image belowHide “Last Seen” Update on WhatsApp
  • Click on the ‘’Last Seen option’’ to get to the next set of options to followHide “Last Seen” Update on WhatsApp
  • At this point, you can choose if you want to hide the last seen update option for “Everyone”that are on your contact list and those not on your contact list (for example, those people that added you recently). Also there is an option to turn it off for only my contacts (My Contacts list). By WhatsApp default it is turned off to “Nobody”.Hide “Last Seen” Update on WhatsApp

As we have mentioned earlier, WhatsApp has placed itself so high, made itself the High Priest of Fairness Authority. You know why I said that? Because once you don’t share your Last Seen update with people, you won’t be able to see other people’s Last Seen too. Fair, right?

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Life is fair and it built on give and take policy. If you do not want people to see your last seen updates therefore you wouldn’t be able to see other Last seen updates as well.

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