Hide Whatsapp Online Status | How To Hide Online Status

Hide Whatsapp Online Status | How To Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

Hide Whatsapp Online Status – To hide WhatsApp online status is not that easy in a similar analysis that as easy as starting a new friend chat on WhatsApp. Starting a new friend chat can be perform by virtually everyone using whatsapp. On the null shell, Whatsapp does not support to hide whatsapp online status. What this literally is that you cannot just turn it on and off the way you turn data on and off. In case you are wondering what I am talking about or still don’t understand this logic, it’s about having a logic feature that you can use if you don’t want people to know you are online on WhatsApp.

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Many of us even me do not at time like to show our whatsApp online status. They see it as a breach of privacy; they will want to be able to stay online without every of their contacts knowing that they are online. Although there is no in anyway a direct method to hide WhatsApp online status, there are settings you can adjust to hide whatsApp online status. In this article we will be showing you the technique method you will use to hide whatsApp online status, just make sure you read this article to the end!

Hide Whatsapp Online Status – How To Hide WhatsApp Online Status

As mentioned earlier in this article, there isn’t a method to hide WhatsApp Online Status. However, there are workarounds method to achieve the method that you can use to be a Ghost on WhatsApp online Status and we are going to be talk about them.

The steps to hide whatsapp online status are basically the same steps for every type of phone with only few differences just read along carefully, you will get it.

Steps To Follow to Hide WhatsApp Online Status

  • First, open Privacy Setting on you phone Examples [ iOS, Blackberry, Android etc]
  • To open Privacy Setting go to WhatsApp >> Settings >> Accounts >> Privacy
  • To achieve this on Android Phone, go to WhatsApp >> Menu Button >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy (
  • To open Privacy Setting on Nokia S40 Phones, Options >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy
  • To achieve this on Windows Phone, open WhatsApp and click on More  >> settings >> contacts >> blocked contacts.Hide Whatsapp Online Status

That is the steps to hide whatsApp online status on those phones but there are other steps below which are very similar for all devices. Just continue reading!

Method 1 – Tweak To Your WhatsApp Privacy Settings

This tweak your whatsApp Privacy Settings really helps in achieving this tweak. However, there are some options under the WhatsApp Privacy Setting you can tag on and off to hide WhatsApp Online Status from your contacts. Turning them off will help you disappear from people. Below are three [3] tweaks to your whatsApp Privacy Settings:

Turn off Send Receipts On WhatsApp:

Turning off send receipts is very important when you do not want your contacts or particular contact to see your updates on WhatsApp. You can read full details on what turn off send receipts does. What ‘’ turn off Send Receipt does is that when you read someone’s message. You can turn it off in other that the people don’t know when you have actually read the messages they send to you or not.

Block the Particular Contact On WhatsApp:

Usually the reason for us hiding our whatsApp status online is nothing more than it is usually because of one or two contacts that we are trying to avoid. So, why not just block those two contacts? Then we can do whatever we want to do online and after which we can un-block them whenever we are done


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Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” Update:

In other to achieve the two (2) above steps, do not forget to hide your WhatsApp “Last Seen” update. Doing this might give you a way to the same people you blocked after coming back online. However, make sure you ‘’turn off‘’ the last seen feature before you unblock them.


Turning off Receipts, you have a number of options to choose who to hide the last seen message from otherwise read details on how to do that here.

Method 2: Install an Application to Hide WhatsApp Online Status

Another progression you can take to conceal your online status on WhatsApp is to install an application. On the off chance that you complete a brisk hunt in your particular app stores (Android and Apple (iOS)), you will get loads of apps promising to help hide online or offline status on WhatsApp.

What a significant number of these apps essentially do is to turn on plane of flight mode on your phone while you use WhatsApp. You don’t have to install an application to turn on flight mode. You can go to phone settings to do that independent from anyone else without an app. There is anyway this app called Hide for Whats APP that can do a few wonders for you.

“Hide for Whats APP” does the magic by utilizing the Google Now functionality to send messages and prop the conversation up inside its own interface. It doesn’t switch to WhatsApp and that is the manner by which you are kept invisible.

You can the application by going to Google Play Store or you can download Hide for Whats APP APK file here.

To know whether the application works or not, you can watch the embedded YouTube video above. In the video, you will see details on how to set up the application and use it.

As we all know, APK files are available for Android phones. In other words, APK files only available to android users. iPhone user should use the manual method instigated above since there is no APK files for iOS users..

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