Hong Kong International Airport Graduate Engineer Programme

Hong Kong International Airport Graduate Engineer Programme Recruitment

Hong Kong International Airport Graduate Engineer Programme Recruitment –  it provide good qualification for graduates engineers to become professionals, they helps in giving excellent round about exposure to many airport engineering system with the help of on-the-job training and attachment.

Truly, it helps in achieving a developing pool of up growing professional engineers with the specific skills and experience to perform and operate the airport authority’s (aa) revealing, mission critical systems and meet with the future and development needs of HKIA’s.

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however, let us go into the eligibility for the Hong Kong International Airport Graduate Engineer Programme recruitment below.

Eligible Candidate For Hong Kong International Airport Engineer Programme

Applicant should graduates from university with the following:

  1. Must have a major in building services/ civil/ electrical & electronic / mechanical engineering.
  2. Must have strong logic, planning and should able to solve problems, you should be able to judge accordingly and make good decision.
  3. Should able to communicate in a responsible manner, he should speak politely in English and Chinese. Should have an understanding of Putonghua is preferred.

Maybe you want to submit your application to the country for this particular recruitment programme, all what you need is to follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you complete your online application form by clicking https://extranetapps.hongkongairport.com/ERTTFORM/application/ERecruitmentForm.action?id=GE-2019. With your CV attached.
  2. You will be sent a confirmation email immediately you submitted the form successfully.
  3. Qualified candidate will be given notification inside eight weeks after the application have been closed.
  4. The closure for this form is 30th November 2018.

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CAUTION: your details which had been collected will only be used for your job application processing. Candidate who was not contacted by the authority inside the eight weeks from the application closure date expressing possibility thinking his/her application is successful. Details of applicant including personal data will be retain for about 12 months starting from the date of application and when all is been done, your personal data will be destroyed.

As a graduate in engineering you will be given professional training starting from the disciplines level to the long-term careers at Hong Kong international airport, leading a successful career plan build up to make a good path in their ongoing personal and professional growth.

Hong Kong International Airport Graduate Engineer Programme |The Training Curriculum

If the programme begins, the graduate engineer experience large classroom, e-learning and on-the-job training which you will also be given assignment on job in division of technical functions; it may involve transfer of such graduates engineer to inside professional advice.

The engineers who are graduates are instructed through the observing of an engineer supervisor and instructing them in a skillful way in the entire programme.

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Supplying necessary items for a purpose with conceptual understanding and well practicable skills which is needed by Hong Kong international engineer scheme “A”, giving access to proof technical and management taking decision with authority at Hong Kong international airport.

Corporate induction         1 week                                         1 week



Professional                      6 weeks                                         9 week


Design practices/

Project programming      51 weeks                                       62 weeks

/ Procurement

Tender preparation

And evaluation/               22 weeks                                      24 weeks



Specific project

Attachment/ other        24 weeks                                        60 weeks


NOTE: this two year programme is also relevant to graduates who are invading the building services, electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering streams. Only the civil engineer last for only three years.

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