How to change language on Facebook

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How to change language on Facebook

Convert your Facebook language. for your android and iPhone is easy, Facebook select languages such as English, Africans, Bosanski, Cestina, Deutsch, English (UK), Espanol, Filipino, Francais, Galego, Hausa, Italiano, and other languages. Settings can be seen immediately translated languages also convert stories into the language of your choice in the Facebook language settings. This is very simple to change the Facebook language if you are using android lollipop (5.1.1) also other devices.

How to change language on Facebook

In your android phone internet browser (chrome), converting of language on Facebook can make use of assistance and settings under Facebook settings. Now let go straight how to convert your Facebook language. on your android device through the Chrome browser or Facebook app.


Step to change language your on Facebook

  • Go to your Chrome or other browsers that you have on your android device.
  • Go to

How to change language on Facebook

  • Tap on settings

  • Move down where you will find “language and region”. Tap on it, click on Edit


  • Tap on the triangle facing down, this will bring out the available language available, tap on the language which you need to convert your Facebook language.

  • You will see information like this on your screen

You can try to use this easy step

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Step to change language your on Facebook

  • Go to your android phone or tablet, access your devices settings app Google account
  • Click on data & personalization at the top of your account
  • Below you will find General preference for web, click on language
  • Click on edit
  • Select your language. This is at the right side, click on select
  • Maybe you understand a lot of languages, tap on add another language.

I think you can understand how to change your language on Facebook, what are you waiting for try the steps and thank me later.


With this, you can see the language settings on your android phone such as tales language converting immediately.




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