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Create free itunes account.

How to create free itunes account.

Create free itunes account. To create a new itunes account, you need a pc with a good internet connection. You can make use of any browser on your pc, but first you have to download itune app this way you don’t have to enter your credit card information so you can at list be able to download Apps on your ipad, IPhone or ipod touch.


1. After you have turn on your pc Run the browser application

2. On the address bar of your browser enter the url or this is the apple home page

3. Go to the search bar at the top right corner of the apple home page.create free itunes account

4. enter the key word ITUNES to download ITunes on the search bar

5. reboot your computer after download

This is a free way to create an apple ID if you don’t have one now that you have download and install the itunes app to create a free apple ID you need to make use of the itunes app.create free itunes account

How to create a free iTunes account or an Apple ID.

1. To create free itunes account, look on the desktop screen of your PC click on the itunes icon.

2. at the home screen of the itunes app click on the three dot icon.

3. at the home screen of the itunes app where you see tabs such as my apps, my iphone apps, updates and Apps Store click on app store to view list of apps on the apple store after you have create free itunes account.

4. Look for any free app. If you know any of the free apps you can always search at the top right corner or you can choose a free app list at the middle of the page at the right side then you can see free apps, so choose any of the free apps.

5. click on the GET button a new dialog box pop up telling you to sign in your apple ID or create a new apple ID.

6. click create new account it will bring up a page click sign in a new ID because you are making a new ID then it will pop out a new agreement page then click the accept box and click OK.

7. on this page, you see a box asking you to input your email (the email will be your apple ID) and input your password, put a strong password, make sure the first letter of your password is a capital letter  and choose number as well and other details such as security questions.

8. Then uncheck the two instruction box below so you will not receive too much mail from apple and click on the continue icon.

9. The next page is a very important page, it will show you option of credit card payment mode click none.

10. Then go down again and fill in your address country, city and your phone contact then after filling it you click none because it is the easiest way for opening new apple ID then scroll down and click create apple ID.

11. Then you will see an apple verification page of the email address you use when signing up and it will be your apple ID.

Now all you need to do is open up a new tab on your browser then login to your mail for apple ID verification message. on mail click on please verify your  apple ID, when you click on it you see your verification code then click on it. It will take you to another page where you officially type in your email address  thats your apple ID and also input your password.

then click verify once you verify it pop up a message that email address has been verified and click the button below it will take you back to apple store it will pop up a message box click allow so it will automatically takes you to ITUNES then click the start shopping button, so what you do is go to the top and click apple store and start downloading.

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