How to Deactivate Google Assistant

How to deactivate google assistant


How to deactivate google assistant-The google assistant is very useful also have included being very useful at the time it has been shown on your phones, though you are observing it comes up whenever you don’t want to make use of it maybe you do not require your phone to be listening always. Now in this article, I will give you tips on how to turn it off also return your better and comfortable google assistant.

How is it activated mistakenly?

I got annoyed sometimes with Google assistant which is activated on my phone without me making use of it. It showed a lot of times anytime my phone goes locked. I tried to get it showed down before I can make any task. It started whenever I mistakenly click on the start button which is on my smartphone, that is created to open Google Assistant.

Now it is opened, this will capture your voice, examine it then carry out the actions which you have selected. Your smartphone might be kept in your pocket then activate Google assistant mistakenly. Sometimes you might be making some conversation on your device which this Google assistant will pick out some words from it thinking you need to ask for some questions, through this means you will get some answer.

How to turn off google assistant

They are three options that can help you to deactivate your google assistant, you need to follow the below steps with ease.

  • Go to your Google app then click the select menu
  • Now access the settings
  • Now you are at the Google assistant section tap on settings>phone also disable the assistant option.
How to deactivate google assistant
How to deactivate google assistant


How to deactivate the support button

This is somehow helpful; with this, you won’t be able to get any issues in accessing your Google assistant through your start button that will be clicking itself mistakenly.


  • Now locate your settings menu then click on the application, now click on the default applications also then click device assistant app.
  • Now in this step, you will be able to select the assistant app which you need to open when you tap on the start button. You might decide to click on google so you won’t face any issue similar to google no supporting app.


How to uninstall updates

This Google assistant is just like a new development

How to deactivate google assistant
How to deactivate google assistant

because this was not available in the old versions of Google. We can suggest we didn’t face any issue similar to this when using the old version.


You can try to uninstall updates, by this you will be free from facing issues with Google assistant. Truly, those ones on your list are likely to disappear.


  • Now go below your settings>applications, now go to your application manager also search for Google.
  • Immediately you access your menu which looks like three dots, you will find the uninstall updates options which will appear.

How to deactivate google assistant


you find this helpful, have you tried it if you are facing the issue? What are you waiting for, try to solve your issue with Google assistant? You can as well share this article using the share link in this article for your family and loved ones to benefits.

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