How to hide pictures on Facebook

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How to hide pictures on Facebook

How to hide pictures on Facebook-When you cherish what to do any way you like it, you need to keep some pictures uploaded away from somehow, maybe your girlfriend or your family relation of viewing the pictures you want to upload online. Now you need to know the tips on how to hide your pictures on Facebook. Hiding our Pictures from the third party somehow seems to save us, because who doesn’t know who is after us, pictures are strong identity which they can use in tracing us incase of any little issue. A re you a victim of this, let show you on how you can hide your pictures

How to hide pictures on Facebook

How to hide pictures on Facebook

Now, let discuss how to hide all your photo album on Facebook from anyone.

  • This is at the sidebar on our Facebook homepage and then tap on photos>my upload to access your albums
  • Tap on Edit Info on the album page.
  • Tap on Edit info, up the Edit album page where you will find a dropdown menu in the privacy section. On this page, you will get a customized option that you will need to tap.
  • This step is similar to the third step. You might make the album visible to people or enter the names of the individual which you need to hide from it.


This is about keeping your information from certain Facebook friends. Then you are to put up so weird stuff, you can try this easy-going step. This will keep you away from harassment.


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How to hide photos from a single person

  • Go to the image which you will need to hide
  • Options, who can see this photo tap on custom
  • Input the name of the person which you do not want your pic to share with them then tap on save. Then your pics are hidden.

How to hide pictures on Facebook


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