How you can RESET your JAMB Password Free


How to Reset Your JAMB Password

Are you in the category of JAMBITES who want to reset their JAMB Password? Some maybe wondering if it is possible to recover their JAMB email address.

Before now, you could  reset  your JAMB Password by Chatting with Support  but since jamb supports aren’t available, this article is best for you.

You need to have access to your JAMB profile is very important for you. Especially for the fact that if you are eventually offered admission, you must log in to your JAMB profile account to accept or decline the admission.

There are two things you need to no before you can log in to your JAMB profile dosage your email address and password. Note that the password used here is not compulsorily the same one you use in logging into your email account.

In this article, you will learn how to change your JAMB profile password.

There are three ways to recover your JAMB password, you can either retrieve it from your email, reset it from the JAMB website or chat with your JAMB support.


How to recover JAMB email address

I hope you created your account using Gmail. If you did, then follow the steps below to recover your lost email address:

  • Visit the Gmail username recovery page and enter the phone number you used in creating your account.
  • You’ll be asked a few questions, make sure you provide correct answers to those questions. If you do, Gmail will provide the email address you’re searching for.

What you should know

The reason you have to recover your email address on Gmail is that JAMB doesn’t provide a means for email recovery. The only thing you can get back is your password.

If you can’t retrieve your email, then there’s no way you’ll be able to reset your JAMB profile password.


How Can I Retrieve My JAMB Password from your Email

When you created your JAMB profile either at a CBT centre or by yourself, a message was sent to your email address containing your profile creation details.

This message contains your name, date of birth, and password.

To retrieve your password using this method, log in to your email address and search for “Profile Creation Details”.

Your search result should look like the image below especially if you use Gmail;

Open the email and scroll down to see your password.

If you cannot remember the email you used to register on JAMB, check this article on how to retrieve your JAMB email address.

How to Reset your Password on JAMB Website

For this option to work, you must know the email address you used to register on JAMB and the date of birth you used to register.

  • Visit the JAMB password reset link here
  • Enter your email address and correct date of birth.
  • Click on get password reset link
  • Login to your email address to find a message with the subject “JAMB e-Facility – Password Reset”
  • Open the email and click on the “Reset my Password” link.
  • Enter your new password on the next page.
  • Click on “Change Password”.

, you will receive a confirmation message from JAMB like in the image below.

How to Reset JAMB Password by Chatting with Support

If every other method proved abortive, then this is the next option available.

You could contact JAMB support to report that you are having issues resetting your JAMB password. Someone from JAMB will get back at the moment to you with instructions that will help you recover your JAMB password.

Perhaps you don’t get a reply within 2-3 working days (Mondays to Friday), please visit a JAMB CBT centre to complain.