How to retrieve your Facebook hack account

How to retrieve your Facebook hack account

How to retrieve your Facebook hack account
                                How to retrieve your Facebook hack account

Let get a few tips on how to get your hacked Facebook account back, this is similar to your other social media accounts which will look more secure, if you think you can’t recover it, there is a way you can get back your account.


  • Tap on this link here
  • Tap on the page “Someone else got into my account without my permission”


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You will need to input your email address, login name, full name or maybe your main phone number.

Then Facebook will help you to link your matching users. If you find out your account was not found, you will need to enter other means apart from the one you input.

Just like, you input your phone number and this didn’t work out, you will need to input your email or login name. some times it better you make use of your email, then tap om search.


Now you might find this step not to easy.

  • You will need to enter your account password. If you find out that you input your new password and it not working out, you can as well try your old password. This is the password you use before your account was hacked.


  • If you have input the old password, you will find the page coming up, you don’t need to give up yet, you just need to tap on reset my password button.

Your email will be changed, then because you don’t want to reset your password link due to who will get the link either you or the hacker, you can tap on “No longer have access to these” page or button.


  • Now your account is almost gotten back; you will need to write a new email address that you need to send the change password link also set up a primary email.


  • Now, go through the next steps then you will have your account back in 24 hours


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