How to use slow motion on Samsung S6/S6 Edge


How to use slow motion on Samsung S6/S6 Edge

How to use slow motion on Samsung S6/S6 Edge
                     How to use slow motion on Samsung S6/S6 Edge

You can find this more interesting when you try to take a picture or videos on your mobile device. Your Samsung S6/S6 Edge has this great feature to get this done on how you can make your own slow-motion clips.


  • Open the slow motion

You will need to click on the camera icon or image which is on the home screen. Then click on the mode icon also then choose the slow motion.

How to use slow motion on Samsung S6/S6 Edge
         How to use slow motion on Samsung S6/S6 Edge


  • Record your video

You will need to record your video as your normal one by clicking on the circle image along with the red inner circle to begin your recording if you need to stop, click on the button again.

  • Edit or view

If you need to view or edit your slow-motion clip, click on the preview thumbnail. Clicking on the slow-motion icon then play the video in your slow motion. When you don’t click on the slow-motion image or icon, your video will play normally.

Also, if you need to edit your video, click on the pause button to change your slow-motion sections. You can trim the segments by pulling the start and end brackets. The segment which is between the brackets will stay in the clip, then all other things will be removed.

If you are dragging the white circle, choose the video segments which you need to play in the slow motion.

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  • Editing the slow-motion segment

Clicking on the slow-motion section change the various aspect of the video clip such as

  • Split- splits the segment into two parts
  • Speed- edit the playback speed of the chosen segment
  • Delete- remove the chosen segment of the video.
  • Save

If you are completing the editing, you can click on the export button to save the video to your gallery.

You can also make use of this video tip

You can also find this very helpful when making video clips along with your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.

  • Opening this can help you access and edit your video clips anywhere through your gallery.
  • Your slow-motion effect will enlarge to the sound recording, with this you can mute the audio if the sounds are strange.
  • Your play speed for the slow-motion video is 1/2x, 1/4x also 1/8x.
  • Your little value playback boost file size and video output.





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