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IMGUR.com | An Online Free Image Hosting

IMGUR.com | An Online Free Image Hosting
IMGUR.com | An Online Free Image Hosting

Imgur.com community: – Most of us might have been looking for ways to host our gallery images without them been tempered with or damage for future reference purposes. While some of us cherish some of the images or photos we have and we would rather prefer to continue to have them.

IMGUR.com | An Online Free Image Hosting
IMGUR.com | An Online Free Image Hosting


In this way, we wouldn’t want to lose such photos/images. Imgur.com is the best an online free photos/images hosting website where you can upload ay photos of yourself and you either make them public or private.

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In other words, Imgur is the best place to share and enjoy the most awesome images online. In every day by day activity, millions of people use Imgur platform to entertained themselves and also get inspired by funny.

The IMGUR.COM Review

Imgur.com is an online image sharing community and image host that was founded by Alan Schaaf in year 2009. Imgur.com has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. People use imgur community whenever their kind of bored and get some funny images to cheer them up.

The imgur community happens to be among the top 30th websites in United States in which it is number 25th position in ranking. With this review, its shows that imgur is very popular and most people use the site often and get engaged anytime, anywhere.

The Amazing IMGUR Features

Imgur has amazing features that can make the members of the community to enjoy most enjoyable moment from it. Below are the features of imgur community.

  • Albums
  • Accounts/Profile dashboard
  • Images/Photos
  • Meme Generator
  • Gallery
  • GIFV
  • Video to GIF
  • Topics
  • Mobile apps

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Album Hosting:

You can get all your photos/image embedded in just an album form where they can be identified by you just the same way album photos are handled. The Albums features were introduced a year after the launched year and also the Album layouts are customizable and embeddable.

The imgur Accounts/Profile Dashboard

Users can have an account of their own. This feature enables users to be able to manage and to create a customized image gallery in their sign in account. The Imgur image hosting is free because you can upload up to 50 images per user in hour and you only subscribe to pay version called pro-version if you want to upload more than the free 50 images per hour.

Image/Photos Feature

Your Imgur images/photos feature allow user to keep their images/photos hosted without getting deleted. Though images/photos get deleted in the past years but now users could keep their images safe with imgur.

The Imgur Meme Generator

Imgur has a “Meme Generator” service that allows users to create image macros with custom text using their wide variety of images or photos.


This community also allows users to upload Gifv file which are animated files and those files get converted smaller into MP4 or WebM videos.

Imgur Video to GIF

Users can link video URLs to create GIFs directly through the website without a use of software. One can even use this service to convert videos to GIFs files to be use outside Imgur community.


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Imgur Mobile App

It’s so amazing that users allow to access imgur on the go with the use of mobile app. The imgur official mobile apps can be downloaded for iOS and Android,



How To Download Imgur Mobile App

Get the app on your device for easy access for image upload. With the mobile app, images/photos can be uploading on the go without you transferring them first to Pc then upload.

Steps to download Imgur App:

  1. On iOS device
  2. Visit app store
  3. Type Imgur
  4. Click on purchase app to download
  5. Then install.

Android devices

  1. On android device
  2. Visit play store
  3. Type Imgur app
  4. Click on download
  5. Then install.



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