Instagram Login | Create Instagram account

Instagram Login | Create Instagram account – Instagram app is among the top social network community in the world. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom who happens to be the Instagram  CEO and co-founder.

Instagram Login | What is Instagram

Instagram Login | Create Instagram account

Instagram is a social community that has more than 600 million people who Login or create Instagram account just to capture and share their world’s moments on the service this great platform gives. Having said these; in this post, you are about to learn how to login to instagram and how to create instagram account for free.

How to Create Instagram Account Free

The instagram App has been the trending social community where users capture and share their photos. Users also perform live short videos that can be share instantly to those currently online to watch. For you to benefit from this great opportunity, you have to have instagram account which won’t cost you a penny from your pose.  Below are steps on how to create Instagram account for free:

  • Visit the Instagram official web page on your browser. This is first performing before you can create instagram account for free.
  • Click on Instagram Sign Up button
  • Note that you don’t have to click on Sign up button if you already have Facebook social network account because all the info’s needed had already in facebook data base. So, this makes it easier to create Instagram account.
  • If you do not have Facebook account, proceed below;
  • After the click on Instagram sign up button, you are require to fill all the field
  • Insert your Mobile number or email
  • Fill your desire full name
  • Choose a desire username and password and;
  • Click on Sign up button

Congratulations, you just created instagram account for free. The next is on how to Login to Instagram account|Instagram Login.

How to Login to Instagram account|Instagram Login

There always need to access our instagram account any time time, anywhere because  to go back to instagram account profile, you must login to instagram account| instgram login. Follow below guidelines on how to Login to Instagram account with ease….

  • Always visit instagram page on either your mobile browsers or PC browsers
  • At the top corner, you will see Login
  • Click on the instagram login and;
  • Provide the accurate email or mobile number used during instagram account creation and type your password
  • Then hit on login.

Your Profile will open and you can start to continue to share your moment to the world for free.

Those that already have facebook account can login directly to instagram account by clicking on the Facebook name or logo that appears to sign in to instagram automatically.

How to Logout Instagram account | Instagram logout

When you know that you don’t want to leave you’re instagram account on like that; so that people won’t access your privacy; then what to do is to logout your instagram account for security reason.

  1. Here your account still active and on.
  2. Scroll to top corner of the profile, Logout is written at the top.
  3. Click on the instagram Logout to logout your Instagram account

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Above can be perform by users that are already logged on to instagram on the Instagram mobile App. With the use of instagram mobile app, you can instantly upload videos, photos or chat and exchange files with friends directly without the use of browsers.

How to download Instagram App to your Devices

Instagram App enable users to access instagram on the go. Users do not need to carry along their PC /Desktop Computers or there won’t be the need of stressing oneself to type instagram official page on the browser before using instagram. What you have to do is to download instagram app directly from your device{s} and login using your registered details. For those that are using Android device, download Instagram App here

while those using Apple can download theirs here.

Enjoy the convention of instagram social network community.

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