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Install Antivirus | How To Install Antivirus On Your Laptop


Install Antivirus | How To Install Antivirus On Your Laptop

Install Antivirus – All system have threat which disturb  the users when making use of the system, no one love using their system and found out the system is slow, this particular stage give the user a bad thought which they love.  What you have to consider is to install antivirus on your laptop to make your system be in proper state. Will give tips on how to choose the specific antivirus and get it setup on your computer/laptop.

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It true all system have their own security, but it not all security on the system are reliable, this antivirus can do a perfect work which you are expecting on your laptop, you might think the antivirus is preferable, but do you think maybe it the best defender for your system/laptop.

They are various type of virus which is available, you can make payment for some, while some are free to get. Some antivirus available are: Avast, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky this antivirus gives free version in better expression.

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This virus will help you secure your system/laptop such as: Spyware, Malware, Viruses also unprotected links which can be harmful to your system/laptop. The free version will give you the advance version features, but for the antivirus which you will be making payment for, you will be given the advance version features of antivirus. This features like protecting your webcam, scanning your attach file on your email, also protect your file where all your valuable data is been kept.

Let start with using the free antivirus version before we get to the paid antivirus, so you can decide to choose which one you prefers.

Install Antivirus – How To Install Antivirus On Your Laptop/Pc

To Install Antivirus can be done in various way, what you need to is to find the best suitable for you to download, so download it from the website.

Immediately the file is on your system tap on this twice which appear at the bottom of your laptop. If you can’t find it in your download file, go to your download folder then tap on this twice.

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You will be given notification about some changes which your systems needs, this is always necessary to be done as the first steps, tap on “Accept” , after this is done you will be given permission to install.

To get the process of Installing Antivirus done, search for tick boxes at the screen display page, some free versions may ask for installation of secure web browsers or need you to share your details along with advertisement. It might be compulsory, ensure you agree to the terms before full installation can be done.

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Now you have done all this, you will be ask some questions for the process of upgrade to another related products, you can do this later just tap on no.

If you need this to be done properly, you will turn off switch off the existing ones which is running on your system before. Such as windows defender, try to turn off window defender. This final step will make you scan your system/laptop, this new software will help you detect that you don’t have any virus available on your system/laptop

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