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iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Life Now Reveal


iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Life Now Reveal – See iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Life Now

iPhone 11 Pro Max: A lot of findings have been done in seeking for the secret of iPhone 11 pro max which has the perfect battery life of other products of iPhone which are been produced also it actual 3500mAh maybe the recent 3650mAh false news can never say more about the full picture.

Given the new OLED display age also more well-organized A13 chipset together to the documents real-life battery tolerance of the phone, even they can’t add 5 more hours to the battery life of the phone which was accepted by Apple in the specs sheet.


It was stated that five hours are higher than 30% range over the 15 hours of video playback which the XS Max gives also a 10-15% bump in battery ability do not break it, also with the recent screen/chipset combination.

It was because the main battery of iPhone 11 Pro Max is bigger than the old one which was first said also the wide increase was just approved by two different sources, the particular one which is of Apple itself.

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Check the list of iPhone 11 Pro Max which have 15.04 Wh capacity, collate to the 12.08 Wh of it forerunner XS Max.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Life Now Reveal

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Life Now Reveal
                                                                          iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Life Now Reveal

An input of 3.79V battery voltage, its sum is up to 24.5% also maybe you deciding about the cost of it perfect milliampere-hour (mAh or milliamp-hour) is equivalent to Chinese FCC, which is shorted to TENAA, which show the main capacity in a simple information amount- 3969mAh.

Truly, iPhone 11 Pro Max gives 33% which has higher battery life than XS Max just because its battery is 25% bigger also the screen or chipset which is about 10% more standard than before. Its very reasons that it is summarized from Apple legal main battery

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iPhone 11 – 11.91 Whr (+7%)

 iPhone XS – 10-13 Whr

Iphone 11 Pro – 11.67 Whr (+15%)

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