iPhone is not charging | Step to take if your iPhone is not charging

iPhone is not charging | Step to take if your iPhone is not charging

iPhone is not charging: It gets annoying when you have a particular device and find out that it doesn’t charge all of a sudden. If you find yourself in this condition, evidently this won’t be used by you to turn your device out. This is caused mostly by charging problems in your mobile devices which is caused by a lot of factors expected to a malfunctioning charger, faulty power source or a damaged charging cable.

Sometimes, the issue of non-recharging and irregular charging are popularly spotted through various types of power supply problems, especially, expected to a low battery or various damaged power components.

Though, this is the top approved to execute a few possible answers before moving to a service center. It will remove the software related factors that could probably give a stable solution to the problem. Now you can read down below to know some effective solutions to help you recharge problems similar to the software on an iPhone. Go further in this article to know more about this blog.

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iPhone is not charging | Step to take if your iPhone is not charging
                            iPhone is not charging | Step to take if your iPhone is not charging

How to troubleshoot when your Apple iPhone is not charging

If your iPhone does not charge anymore, this does not mean you have a damaged charger. It sometimes possible that most charging problems on mobile devices are a link through your software defects, this charging software is the system which allows your hardware to begin to charge whenever it is connected to a power source.

Anytime the charging system is obstructed, the actual charging position will be destroyed. This when the problem starts from, to remove this particular factor which is similar to this software from the main sources cause, it is stated to try this compulsory steps.

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Try to charge your iPhone after you have tried to make an attempt of each method to be sure maybe the issue has been resolved or not.

What should I do if my iPhone is not charging?

1. Make an attempt with your iPhone to restart during charging

If you are making use of original follow come Apple supplied charger, insert it into a socket wall then try to force this to restart. Trying these changes might help in removing minor app defects which may have obstructed the charging process. Steps to do make these done depend on the particular iPhone models.

If you need to try this step on iPhone X or any new product to restart, try to make use of these steps below to see if possible:

  • Tap and release the volume up button.
  • Now tap and release the volume down button
  • Now the final step you need to do is to hold down the side button then release it when you see the Apple logo appear.

When facing this same charging problem on iPhone 7 also iPhone 7 plus, this how you can do a force reboot:

  • Tap then hold down the volume down button then power button (suspend/resume) at the same time then try to release both buttons along with the Apple logo.

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If there are other iPhone models such as iPhone 6s, 6s plus, 6, SE also 5s try to make use of these steps to reboot the device.

  • Press down the power (suspend/wake) button then the home button for a few seconds, now release both buttons when you see the Apple logo shown on the iPhone screen.

If you see this problem do not work out, try to make use of these next step below


2. Try to update your iPhone software to the latest version

Maybe possible your iPhone have a battery percent which can last up to 20 – 30 minutes, try to go through and check the new iOS update which you can make use of. If you try installing an iOS update might be the point of solving your problem this might be the effect.

Try to be assured that your phone is connected to the internet also has enough storage space to assign the new update file. Try to go through these steps below:

  • Try to go to your phone main screen, click on settings.
  • Go to general touch
  • Click on a software update

If you get a notification on an update, it shows that a new version of iOS is present. Try to choose another option to download and install when you have a chance to do this.

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When you are done with the update, try to restart your iPhone to save then apply the new changes to the system. Now check maybe with this you can get your p[problem solved. If this doesn’t work, try to restore all default settings.

  1. Try to restore all the settings on your iPhone

What you can also try for removing wrong settings which will cause-effect of reloading errors is a restoration of system settings. With this reset removal of present design together with associated errors and restores the valid values and options.

With this, you don’t need backup creation because there is no saved data is destroyed through this process. Although every design settings will be trashed, if you decide to go through these steps try to read carefully:

  • Click on settings from your device
  • Go to general touch
  • Move down then tap on reset
  • Select Reset all settings through the options provided
  • Put in your password when you are required to do so.
  • Now the final step, click on the option to approve the reset of all the settings

Make sure your phone try to complete restoring then when you are done, restart.

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If this does not work out you can also try to make use of these steps below:

  • Detach any debris from the charging port on the bottom of your
  • Now restart your iOS
  • Make an attempt of different USB cable or charger.
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of iOS.
  • Try to contact AppleSupport to set up service.

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